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A Cultural immersion in Kathmandu

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We offer unique cultural experiences in the heart of Nepalese communities. Perfect for trekkers, expats or those traveling to Nepal for holidays, this program offers participants the chance to experience Nepali culture and people from an unusual perspective.

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Basic Nepali Language class led by Seven Women

Price : $30

See first-hand how grassroots development takes place. Seven Women staff member Sandhya will host a basic Nepali language class designed for travellers, while you contribute to her journey of empowerment.

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Buddhist arts and culture - the ancient city of Bhaktapur

Price : $120

An overnight trip to the ancient city of Bhaktapur where you will see local artisans making pottery. You can even get your hands dirty while learning about the rich history of the region. You will then get to experience an artist workshop of intricate Buddhist Tanka paintings to gain insight into Buddhist beliefs and customs. In the evening you will stay in Bhaktapur and experience a traditional Newari feast.

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Explore rural life in Nepal - Sudal

Price : $40

An early start to watch the sunrise over the magnificent Himalayan mountain range followed by a short trek down to the rural farming village of Sudal where we will spend the morning experiencing what rural life is like for many Nepali people.

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Learn about the Culture and History of Nepal – The significance of Hinduism


Today’s focus is on the culture and history of Nepal. You will be led on a walk through the streets and alleyways of Kathmandu to Durbar Square, a UNESCO world heritage site which features several styles of Hindu Temples and still plays an important part in day to day life of the Nepali people. After a delicious Nepali lunch, you will visit Pashupatinath Temple, a Hindu cremation site that gives incredible insight into the cultural practices of Nepal.

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Nepali cooking class and social enterprise - The Seven Women Centre


On this day you will be part of a discussion on Community Development with Seven Women Country Director, Anita Kerr. You will visit the Seven Women center and learn about this award-winning enterprise model through lived experiences. You will participate in a Nepali Cooking class enjoy a traditional meal while sharing inspirational stories with these women.

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Kathmandu, Nepal
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