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Destination: Jordan Back Country

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GUIDE: Spice Road Travel - Sue Beard

Sue, the founder of Spice Road Travel, lived in Jordan for 2 years and knows many of its secrets. She knows to hire the best guides and the places the typical tours don't go. 

Spice Road Travel will be sure that your group gets where you need to go and have the right kinds of adventures.

If you like what you see here and want a private version, please be in touch:

Arrival - Amman


Our representative will meet you off your plane and escort you through Immigration.  Proceed to the carousels to collect luggage and pass through Customs.  In the Arrivals’ Hall your English speaking guide will be waiting to welcome you to Jordan and transfer you to Petra.

Overnight:  Petra

Petra - through the Siq


Over the next 3 days you are going to experience Petra like few others do.   Entering the rose-red city from 3 different directions, you will find hidden shrines and tombs in areas only a few visitors have time to see.  Each day will centre on one superb area of Petra, enabling you to truly explore this UNESCO World Heritage site in depth.

This morning pass through the entrance gates of Petra, the “lost city” and step back in time to an ancient culture.  Begin by walking through the Siq (chasm), exiting in front of the breathtakingly beautiful Treasury.  Walk through the Street of Facades, explore the Royal Tombs, Roman Theatre before climbing Al Khubtha to reach the outcrop overlooking the Treasury.  Along the way climb stairs carved out of the sandstone over 2,000 years ago.    

Return to your hotel via the Siq.

Overnight:  Petra

Petra Back Road


You've travelled a long way to reach Jordan, especially Petra, so why not spend another full day at this amazing lost city.

This morning you will be driven to Little Petra, once a "suburb" of Petra where crops were grown, animals grazed and cameleers rested before entering Petra or heading off on the Spice or Silk Roads.   Follow the dirt road to reach a Neolithic village (9,000-5,500 BC), one of the oldest sites in Jordan. 

With your guide follow the trail through the mountains to reach Petra near Ad Deir (the Monastery).  After exploring this stunning building and surrounding tombs, descend via the hand-carved Nabataean staircase to reach the lower area of Petra.   Visit the museum before continuing your exploration of the city.  See the Great Temple, Temple of the Winged Lions, colonnaded street, Qasr al-Bint and Temenos Gate. When ready, return via the Siq to the entrance gates and your hotel.

Price includes:  transfer to Little Petra, entrance fee to Petra, full-time hiking guide 


Petra by Night

Price : USD $27 - Pay on the night

At the Treasury you sit on mats on the ground and listen to the traditional Bedouin music played on their special instruments , The night is complete with the traditional Bedouin mint tea, to a nice warm up to cherish the experience you had with this great event Petra By Night!


Not everyone enjoys the experience since it can be quite noisy and not as peaceful as you'd expect (there are many critical blogs out there). But if you're looking for a special photograph, this is the right chance to get it.


Petra Kitchen

Price : USD $50 - Pay in advance, will be added to your invoice

You'll fall in love with the fresh bread and hummous in this land. So if you want to take home the knowledge of how to make some of the local dishes, then be sure to join for a night at Petra Kitchen. 

Petra via Al Madras Way

Location : Petra, Jordan

Today we enter Petra across another range of mountains, descending into a hidden valley before climbing once again, this time to reach the High Place of Sacrifice and the obelisks.   An added bonus is the stunning 360 degree views of Petra below.   Descending along another remote trail you will arrive at the Garden Temple, Soldiers' Tomb and other rarely seen ruins and carvings before arriving at the Roman Houses. 

Before leaving Petra make sure you visit the Blue Church, Byzantine Church and Marketplace as well as any of your favourite spots from the previous days.

Overnight:  Petra

Tented Camps in Wadi Rum

DAY 4 - 6

Sleeping in the desert is a unique experience. The tented camps provide some protection from the elements, but you're in the desert and EVERYTHING will get sandy. 

Bedouin Whispers has the perfect sunset spot that you can climb too from the camp. So you can take as long as you like enjoying the peace of the desert as the sun sets. Then head back to the campfire to enjoy a meal cooked under the sand.

Be sure to close your tent windows or you may have a friendly camel waking you up in the morning.

If you prefer to sleep under the stars you can take your mattress out of the tent and enjoy the cool night air and night sky.

Walk on Mars

Location : wadi rum, Jordan

Ok, it only LOOKs like the red planet, which is why they filmed the martian there. It is the best place to learn first hand why everyone in the middle east wears scarves that can wrap around your face. 

Jump in the back of your 4x4 and hold on as you drive out into this desert consisting of vast desert areas, rugged wind swept mountains, narrow canyons and ancient rock inscriptions.  After a mind-blowing day of adventure, head to your tented camp. Sunsets in the desert are epic, especially on a cliff edge with Saudi Arabia off in the distance.

Overnight: tented camp

Burdah Rock Bridge & Al Manamah Canyon

Location : Wadi Rum, Jordan

There's something about being at a campsite around a roaring fire that keeps you from getting to bed early in Wadi Rum, so you may not have slept too much. 

Yet, you'll be up with the camels and ready to explore more of the Wadi (desert) that Lawrence made famous. 

This morning, before it gets too hot, we will travel by 4x4 to the far south of Wadi Rum to climb Burdah Rock Bridge.  Along the way pass Bedouins tending to their animals and herds of camels. 

Total time to climb Burdah Rock: ~2-4 hours to climb up and return to the car.

Take a rest and enjoy a picnic lunch in the shade of one of the mountains before your afternoon adventure begins.   Back in the 4x4, head to Al Manamah Canyon.  You will be dropped off at one end and met at the other by your driver.   Sounds easy?   Well, yes and no.   The canyon is narrow but features a large rock fall in the middle blocking passage.   Using team work, scale the rocks to reach the other side.

Total time on the trek should be ~1 hour.

Once back at your campsite, take time to reflect on this magnificent part of the world, a major highway on the Spice Road from Asia to Europe.  Enjoy a last quiet walk out into the solitude of the desert, before dinner and another amazing sunset.

Overnight: tented camp



Unless you plan to extend, you'll be taken from your campsite in Wadi Rum to the airport for your evening flight home.

Transfer for you to Queen Alia International Airport will be arranged.

Amman, Jordan
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