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Reflection and Reconciliation: Journey to the U.S. South

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The United States is deeply divided. Tensions exist within and among our citizens. Violence and hopelessness are at an all-time high, both here, and in Israel and Palestine. We are all finding it increasingly challenging to listen to those on the other side of the aisle—whether that aisle is political, racial, economic, or faith based.

At American Friends of the Parents Circle – Families Forum we believe we must engage with the “other.” We must listen to the stories and narratives of one another. We believe there are lessons to be learned from listening to the stories of people on different sides of a conflict. Without the acknowledgement of each person’s basic humanity, we will not create change. Because of that belief, we invite you to join us on a unique journey to the American South.

The Journey to the U.S. South will offer opportunities for learning, reflection and change. Please join us for an 8-day journey to explore the history and lessons of reconciliation that are common to both Americans, Israelis and Palestinians.

Our group will include Americans and bereaved Israelis and Palestinians—we will engage in candid conversations and active listening. Together, we will learn lessons of reconciliation and hope.

Our vision is to provide a lived experience to promote a better tomorrow.

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Interactive experience at Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience

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Meetings around criminal justice system and reform efforts

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Dialogue Meeting with members of the Parents Circle

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Dialogue Meeting with members of the Parents Circle at Temple Beth Israel

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Meet with local community leaders and activists

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Walk across Edmund Pettus Bridge

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Workshops with the Selma Center for Nonviolence, Truth, and Reconciliation

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Tour of Montgomery with Michelle Browder & More Than Tours

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