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Kayak the Whitsundays August 2023

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Whitsundays QLD, Australia 9 DAYS


This is one seriously epic Best Life 'Back-Pocket' Adventure in more ways than one - and we can't wait to take it on with you!

The stunning beauty of the Whitsundays islands is best explored by water, far from the madding crowds and we've curated this expedition from our intimate knowledge of the Whitsundays, having experienced them by land, air and sea over the last decade.

We've brought together the best parts to deliver you a kayaking adventure like no other. Paddle the eastern seaboard, explore hidden coves and bays, and camp under a carpet of stars. 

Our Kayak the Whitsundays expedition will take you on an ocean safari around one of the most internationally recognised island archipelagos in the world. But, that’s only half of it - sunrise from summits, sunsets into the ocean, hiking the trails, snorkelling the fringing reefs and watching whales alongside as we circumnavigate the islands. 

We'll also enjoy a number of other mad experiences, best suited to the warmth of the Whitsundays and our proximity to the Great Barrier Reef. 

To end our week we unveil a Best Life Adventures finale to cap them all, with an.....oh hang on, you only get to find out what it is in the latter part of the week, but we guarantee it'll be like nothing you've ever experienced before.

This will be a true Best Life Adventure for the mind, body and soul.



MINIMUM NUMBERS - this expedition is subject to a minimum number of paying guests and once reached, the expedition is guaranteed to go ahead, if not, it will be cancelled, and you can transfer amounts paid to an alternate expedition or departure date or receive a full refund. This decision will be made on 15th June 2023.

We’ve added Refund Protect, a completely no-risk add-on for ALL of our Best Life Adventures that will refund you 100% of the value of your adventure with us, should you need to cancel for any valid reason, right up to the moment you’re adventure commences.

If you suddenly get struck down by illness, need to isolate, the government shuts down the border or a plethora of other reasons – you’ll get 100% of the value of your adventure back…within 48 hours. When you book your adventure with us simply add the ‘Refundable Booking’ option to your expedition, it’ll cover your ass if things go pear-shaped prior to your trip.

To find out all about it visit the Refund Protect website and then get yourself signed up for a magnificent adventure with us.

Check out our Travel Portal page here for all the other things you need to know.

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Talk about an incredible place to start our adventure - world-famous Whitehaven Beach. Seven kilometers of white silica sand, azure blue waters, and the title of Best Beach in the World on a number of occasions. Arriving by private launch we check into our luxurious campsite (which we have to build of course), meet the team, and set up the kayaks to prepare for the adventure ahead. We spend the afternoon exploring Whitsunday Island, diving underwater to meet the fish, before returning to camp to farewell the day boats which leaves us as the exclusive residents of Whitehaven Beach. 

Dinner is served under a carpet of stars before turning in for an early night to prepare for a big day on the water.

Overnight: Camping at Whitehaven Beach campground


FLIGHTS – At the start of the expedition, you can meet us at either Shute Harbour or Hamilton Island marina, depending on where you fly into. Due to our early departure time, we advise flying into either Proserpine Airport/Whitsunday Coast (PPP) or Hamilton Island (HTI) the day before the expedition starts, and overnighting so you’re ready to roll the next day. There will be an extra charge for any collection/drop-off at Hamilton Island Marina.

DEPARTURE / RETURN TIMES – Please ensure you are at either of the locations at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departures times.


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Paddle / Trek - Whitsunday and Haslewood Islands

We head out for the day on a mission to explore Whitsunday Island and its closest neighbour, Haslewood - home to gorgeous Chalkie's Beach and a brand new walking trail.

Chalkie's looks pretty similar to Whitehaven, but that's where the comparison ends. There's a fringing coral reef to snorkel, fish to eyeball and maybe even a few turtles to befriend. Our challenge for the day is getting safely across the Whitsunday Passage - a narrow tidal channel that runs between the islands, affectionately referred to as The Washing Machine by the locals. 

We head back to Whitehaven Beach for our second night under canvas.

Overnight: Camping at Whitehaven Beach campground

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Paddle - Whitehaven to Cairn Camp

After a hearty breakfast, we hit the water ready for the first big day of our expedition. Heading north we paddle along Whitehaven Beach, and head into Hill Inlet to explore the shallow, sheltered waters taking stingrays and turtles by surprise.

After a swim and explore we climb to the viewpoint to look back down Whitehaven where we started the day. It's then back into our boats for the long paddle around Tongue Point, up the eastern side of Whitsunday Island, and into Cairn Campsite, where we end our day.

Overnight: Camping at Cairn Campground

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Paddle - Cairn Camp to Maureen's Cove

One of our traditions at Best Life Adventures is witnessing the sunrise from a summit. Today is the day. We start the 300m ascent under headtorch from Whitsunday Island’s most northerly beach—up to a ridge covered with giant grass trees. It’s steep and challenging, but there's an amazing view of the islands from the top. 

After breakfast, we break camp, load the kayaks, before crossing Hook Passage to start the paddle around Hook Island. We're into the open ocean here, so the swell picks up and hopefully the last of the season's whales will pull alongside and say "hi". 

Our lunch location feels a million miles from the tourist world of the Whitsundays, with expansive views of nothingness north and south, driftwood to clamber over and just the sound of the ocean to enjoy. 

Late in the afternoon, we pull into a sheltered beach on the northern side of Hook Island to build our camp.

Overnight: Camping at Maureen's Cove campground

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Paddle - Maureen's Cove to Bali Hai

We head west from our overnight campground for a day on the water. We'll circumnavigate Hayman Island, stop at Blue Pearl Bay, swim with the maori wrasse and manta rays, before turning south towards our destination Bali Hai and Langford Spit, where lunch is served on the beach.

Overnight: Just you wait and see...

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Who knows what you'll get up to today? 

One of the best parts of this Best Life expedition is you don't find out about the last 24 hours until it's happening. Prepare for a seriously, epic adventure into the unknown - all you need to do is sit back and soak it up.

Oh, and bring a Black Tie or Cocktail dress you don't mind getting wet - is your mind boggling yet? 

Overnight: the same as the night before - a mystery!

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Time to head home

We wrap up the week back where we started, with our drop-off at Coral Sea Marina (formerly known as Abel Point) around 10:00.
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Whitsundays QLD, Australia
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