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Îles de la Madeleine Ocean Adventure

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Îles de la Madeleine, QC, Canada 8 DAYS

Join us for a unique SUP adventure in one of Canada's best-kept secret paddle playgrounds!

Imagine yourself on a small island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, exploring new terrain with an experienced SUP guide who knows every nook and cranny! 

Spanning 8 days, this SUP and ocean-influenced adventure explores les Îles de la Madeleine, QC, a small island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Imagine yourself on board in the calm water of the lagoon enjoying a breakfast picnic and hiking the seaside cliffs, the wind always in your hair. 

With the support of our local guide, Cindy Poirer (the island's only female SUP guide and lifelong resident), we are immersed in all that les Îles de la Madeleine has to offer. French-inspired seafood, marine life, secluded inlets and beaches. Our adventure will take you off the beaten path and into the local Îles de la Madeleine lifestyle.

*The itinerary will need to maintain some flexibility to accommodate the weather and the group's desires. 

A Variety of SUP Experiences

Almost every day has some SUP in it, whether a pleasant sunrise session finished with steaming coffee or a full-day downwinder that you'll be immersed in the Atlantic. While looking for birds and aquatic life, paddle along the beautiful orange cliffs of which the area is known. Explore sea caverns, sandy beaches, and gentle waves on your way. We take breaks and have gourmet picnics along the route whenever possible.

Taste Gourmet Local Food

We'll explore local fromageries, bakeries, coffee shops and more throughout our adventure as well as we'll have our very own chef along to cook healthy, culturally immersive meals. 

Here, local products are king. The unique signature of our local products come from both our natural pantries, the land and the sea. The following are specialties of the Islands that you will get to taste during your stay; Lobster, Pommes de pré, Smoked Herring, Clam Chowder, Pot-en-pot (Seafood pie) and Salted Meat Stew.


Meet Cindy Poirier!

Passionate, determined, authentic and a businesswoman, she wanted to share her love for nature, sports, and discovery by creating her own outdoor activity business with the rental of paddle boards, kayaking and surfing. 

Cindy has been able to use her experience as an outdoor guide and photographer by developing outings in kayak or sup board excursions. Her in-depth knowledge of the Îles-de-la-Madeleine coast and her popularity with the inhabitants of the islands make her a proud ambassador!

She surrounds herself with people who inspire her and push her to go further in her multiple projects. With the addition of a café and a boutique, she has the pleasure of welcoming and bringing together many visitors and Madelinots every year on its large outdoor terrace to enjoy the sumptuous view of the sea.

Today, she sows happiness through her adventures, to in turn inspire others, too, to live their dreams.

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This is a fun trip for all SUP skill levels but we do expect that you are;

  • Able to paddle at a leisurely pace for up to 2-3 hours with rest breaks.
  • Confident swimming in class 1-2 surf/break.
  • Comfortable hiking in uneven, slippery terrain for 2-3 hours with rest breaks.
  • Comfortable embracing the foods and ways of other cultures.

Wanna chat with Pam before you book? Book a time here.


Located in Dune de Sud, our cozy cabins are the ideal starting point for your daily escapades to the east or west of the Islands. Within walking distance of the Dune de Sud beach, you can take endless seas side strolls, be posied for sunsets and enjoy front-row seats to possible wildlife sightings! 

Each cabin has 3 bedrooms - 2 private rooms with queen beds and 1 room with 2 single beds, sleeping 4 people per cabin. Each cabin has a kitchen for tea/coffee, a living space for relaxing and a shared bathroom. 


Girls On Boards Donation

Price : Bring cash if you would like to make a donation.
As a licensed provider of Girls On Boards events, all of our other trips and programs contribute a donation towards this program. You can learn more here: 
Add-on +C$100


Register by 24 May 2023

SUP lessons are available to anyone wanting a refresher or a crash course before this trip to calm your fears and build your on-water confidence. This lesson on Day 1 (or the day before) will ensure that when you are in the water, all fears are cast away, and replaced by confidence, curiosity and improved skills. 


  • 90 min lesson and all rental gear
Îles de la Madeleine, QC, Canada
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