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Adventure & Yoga in Tucson AZ

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5 DAYS $2,729
WED 1 DEC 2021 - SUN 5 DEC (UTC-05:00)
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Transformational Travel Adventure in Arizona

Arizona Transformational Travel | Daily Yoga | Hiking | ATV Adventure | Mindfulness | Personal growth sessions | Daily coaching.

This four day ALL INCLUSIVE adventure features guided hiking, ATV, food tours, daily yoga, daily transformational sessions, coaching, connecting with like minded & growth minded leaders.

Immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape of Arizona, away from distractions and routine, connect with yourself, nature and others, open your mind to new possibilities, gain clarity,  elevate to new levels of living, leading, earning and giving.

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Elevate your leadership through an Immersive adventure in Arizona

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Morning Transformational Sessions

Opening our hearts and minds to experiencing the day with HEART.

Humble | Empty Cup Mentality
Fostering an approach of equality, learning, and connection.

I will listen with my heart open and seek to understand the people I am traveling with, the people I meet, the land, the culture.

Engaged | Being a participant not a spectator.
Taking responsibility for you part in/Being pro-active in the creation of the experience not just for myself, but for those I interact with. I will step outside my comfort zone and meet others where they are.

Awake | Paying attention.
Being actively attuned (awake) to/(aware of) the power and complexity of internal and external circumstances/reactions, as well as the internal and external effects of our choices. I will be aware of how my choices, attitude, and actions affect those around me in both positive and negative ways.

Resilient | Willing to actively take on challenge…
…accept difficulty (proactively and re-actively) in order to access better experiences and find growth opportunities.  I will see the value in challenge and its ability to allow me to find growth opportunities within myself.

Thankful | Gratitude mindset.
When we're thankful we're thoughtful, better stewards, and we're happy.  I will show gratitude to those I meet and the experiences  I encounter. I will abide in reciprocity and seek to return those gifts to the world around me.

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Your Transformational Travel Coach- Rachel Gilmore

My highest purpose is to Love humanity! My gift is helping humanity see the truth of who they are, what their gifts are, and teach people how to share their gifts with the world in a way that makes the greatest impact towards a better world for all of us.

I've been in business for myself since the age of 19 years old. I have owned many different businesses including a Pet Resort, a Fitness studio, and a Coaching practice. I have been trained in business, fitness, nutrition, NLP and so much more. Although I believe training is very important, its been my life experiences that have taught me the most.  After all the trainings, and coaching programs I have been through, nothing transformed me like traveling abroad and seeing the world.

After losing a business, my marriage, my dream home, my health and my brother I was at the end of the line physically, mentally & emotionally. I went on a search to find myself, to heal myself, to find purpose, happiness and true fulfillment in life. I found my truth, I found my purpose and I began to walk in that truth helping others to do the same. It was on a transformational journey in South East Asia I birthed Earth and Soul Adventures after experiencing the biggest breakthrough of my life. I knew I was called to marry my passion for Coaching and love for travel together to create a truly transformational experience for anyone who answers the call to adventure. 

I am so grateful to offer this transformational travel adventure to you, it is with great honor I get to walk alongside you on this beautiful journey. I know that you've been called to this adventure and what you will experience in our 10 days together will transform your life forever. 

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Why travel with Earth and Soul Adventures

Earth and Soul Adventures creates adventures & travel experiences for the open minded adventurer. The leaders. The brave. The seekers and explorers who want more out of their life, work and relationships. Those who are ready to see the world, themselves, and humanity through a new perspective. Those who upon returning home are committed to take actions that will change their lives, their communities, and the world. We believe that travel provides the perfect backdrop for transformation… We travel the Earth for a deeper connection with ourselves, others, nature, and to explore the meaning of life and the part we play in it. We believe travel provides the freedom to BE you!

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•       Professional Tour Guide(s)

•       4 nights lodging with breakfast included

•       Comfortable Transportation

•       Park entrance fees

•       4 Lunches

•       4 Dinners

•       UTV Adventure

•       Mountain Biking Adventure

•       Applicable Taxes and Fees

•       Fully Detailed Recommendations Package with detailed itinerary, maps, hiking, weather, restaurant recommendations and more.

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Arrival in Tucson or Phoenix Az

Arrival in Tucson or Phoenix, AZ

Meet guide at Airport

(Tucson Airport to Resort 30 minutes) (Phoenix Airport to Resort 2 Hours) After check in and an opportunity to get refreshed, enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the resort.  This evening, join the group for a welcome dinner at the one of the unique restaurants in Tucson and enjoy a wonderful evening getting to know each other.
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Day 2 Yoga & hiking

Morning Transformational session, breakfast and enjoy a morning yoga session in a private orange orchard on property. Afterwards enjoy exploring, Hiking and wildlife watching in Saguaro National Park West. You will have a firsthand experience walking and exploring this unique landscape and learn about the fragile ecosystem that survives in this extreme environment. Evening dinner and group circle.
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Day 3 Yoga and ATV excursion through the desert

Morning Transformational session, breakfast, Yoga session on property

Enjoy a morning ATV Excursion through the desert. It will be a day of fun and excitement

Afterwards enjoy a waking cultural tour of Tucson including Mission San Xavier del Bac and explore this unique and historical Spanish Catholic Mission. Built originally in 1797, this mission is a small piece of the architectural and cultural history of this area. Upon finishing this, you will enjoy a foodie tour/dinner experience in Tucson.  Named a UNESCO Gastronomy Heritage City, you will get to experience some of the cuisine that has been in existence for over 3000 years.

Evening Circle to complete the day.

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Day 4 Hiking & Yoga

This morning after morning transformational session & breakfast enjoy exploring the Saguaro National Park East area including hiking and wildlife watching opportunities.  Stretch your legs on one of the many trails in the area

In the afternoon relax and enjoy a bit of free time before a final yoga session to close out the day.

You will finish the evening with a farewell dinner & closing ceremony
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Day 5 Final Transformational morning session & off to airport

Morning Breakfast, final transformational morning session then off to the airport.
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