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Nepal Transformational Travel Adventure

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Nepal 9 DAYS
MON 21 MAR 2022 - TUE 29 MAR (UTC-05:00)

Nepal Transformational Travel Adventure

Earth and Soul Adventures creates adventures & travel experiences for the open minded adventurer. The leaders. The brave. The seekers and explorers who want more out of their life, work and relationships. Those who are ready to see the world, themselves, and humanity through a new perspective. Those who upon returning home are committed to take actions that will change their lives, their communities, and the world.

We believe that travel provides the perfect backdrop for transformation… We travel the Earth for a deeper connection with ourselves, others, nature, and to explore the meaning of life and the part we play in it. We believe travel provides the freedom to break away from what you have always known and to explore, it’s about adventuring off into the unknown, disconnecting from routine, distractions, the demands of work and technology and exploring the world and ourselves … It’s about connecting with new people, places, and cultures, having unforgettable experiences that open your mind to new possibilities, shift your perspective, inspire creativity, and transform you to live a more intentional & purposeful life using your God given talents to make a difference in the world. Travel will show you the truth of who you really are.

A journey of personal transformation designed by Freedom Coach Rachel Gilmore and Local Nepal Expert Raj Gyawali, that maximises personal growth through principles of traveling with HEART.

Nepal has no McDonalds, Zara or H&M and is a country not touched, so far, by the mass scale consumerism that plagues a lot of countries. The country is poor by UN standards, but rich in quality of life, that stems from its resilient multi-cultural citizens following a simple karmic principle, making the people of Nepal happy and one of the friendliest in the world.

This is a perfect canvas for this specially designed Transformational Travel Journey, that uses the principles of traveling with HEART - Humility, Engagement, Awakening, Resilience and Thankfulness.

This journey is guided by the very talented Rachel Gilmore, who combines personal experience and coaching techniques to make this journey effective & transformational.

Answer the call into the journey of your heart, free from routine and the stresses of life at home...


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Morning Transformational Sessions

Opening our hearts and minds to experiencing the day with HEART.

Humble | Empty Cup Mentality
Fostering an approach of equality, learning, and connection.

I will listen with my heart open and seek to understand the people I am traveling with, the people I meet, the land, the culture.

Engaged | Being a participant not a spectator.
Taking responsibility for you part in/Being pro-active in the creation of the experience not just for myself, but for those I interact with. I will step outside my comfort zone and meet others where they are.

Awake | Paying attention.
Being actively attuned (awake) to/(aware of) the power and complexity of internal and external circumstances/reactions, as well as the internal and external effects of our choices. I will be aware of how my choices, attitude, and actions affect those around me in both positive and negative ways.

Resilient | Willing to actively take on challenge…
…accept difficulty (proactively and re-actively) in order to access better experiences and find growth opportunities.  I will see the value in challenge and its ability to allow me to find growth opportunities within myself.

Thankful | Gratitude mindset.
When we're thankful we're thoughtful, better stewards, and we're happy.  I will show gratitude to those I meet and the experiences  I encounter. I will abide in reciprocity and seek to return those gifts to the world around me.


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Rachel Gilmore Transformational Travel Mentor

My highest purpose is to Love humanity! My gift is helping humanity see the truth of who they are, what their gifts are, and teach people how to share their gifts with the world in a way that makes the greatest impact towards a better world for all of us.

I've been in business for myself since the age of 19 years old. I have owned many different businesses including a Pet Resort, a Fitness studio, and a Coaching practice. I have been trained in business, fitness, nutrition, NLP and so much more. Although I believe training is very important, its been my life experiences that have taught me the most.  After all the trainings, and coaching programs I have been through, nothing transformed me like traveling abroad and seeing the world.

After losing a business, my marriage, my dream home, my health and my brother I was at the end of the line physically, mentally & emotionally. I went on a search to find myself, to heal myself, to find purpose, happiness and true fulfillment in life. I found my truth, I found my purpose and I began to walk in that truth helping others to do the same. It was on a transformational journey in South East Asia I birthed Earth and Soul Adventures after experiencing the biggest breakthrough of my life. I knew I was called to marry my passion for Coaching and love for travel together to create a truly transformational experience for anyone who answers the call to adventure. 

I am so grateful to offer this transformational travel adventure to you, it is with great honor I get to walk alongside you on this beautiful journey. I know that you've been called to this adventure and what you will experience in our 10 days together will transform your life forever. 


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Taste & smell the rich spices... experience the delicious food of Nepal

Day 3 we go on a food trail... 

Post breakfast, we go on a food journey of the city, to appreciate the most basic of human needs - food, and how it works in Nepal. We end in the early afternoon, totally stuffed with all the good stuff we tasted - with a better understanding of spices, food cultures, communities etc. Late afternoon reflection meeting - Did what we experience aid transformation or our travel goals?

Breakfast and Lunch provided

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Witness the happiness of the villagers

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My transformational travel adventure experience in Bali was a once in a lifetime, transformational journey! Bali is an Island in Indonesia full of blessings, magic, and love! I was able to experience deep healing on all levels mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually while soaking in the beauty of nature and true kindness of the Balinese culture. Soul exploration, personal development, team building, and gaining greater clarity on next steps in my life and business were just a few of the areas that made a huge impact for me on this trip. 

Feeling that I was in a place of safe space, I was able to open my heart and give myself permission to be vulnerable in sharing my story with others. Owning our story, and reliving painful experiences with others takes courage, strength, and speaking from a place of truth instead of ego. It is the first step in the journey to loving yourself. From this place of vulnerability, we birth love, innovation, creativity, and change. It is through this change we are able to step into and OWN the power of our highest purpose. During this sharing with others, I had many breakthroughs that opened my heart to higher awareness of forgiveness and compassion.

Rachel Gilmore’s daily coaching was powerful and helped me to gain confidence and clarity that I needed to move to the next higher level in my career. I have a clear framework on areas of focus and improvements to implement over the next 6 months as well as a vision for my long-term future.

The excursions on this trip were beyond words and amazing! The beautiful ocean views, turquoise waters, snorkeling in what seemed like a saltwater aquarium, cooking right from nature in a Balinese cooking class, swimming in waterfalls, and exploring a monkey forest just to name a few!

Overall, this experience in Bali has opened me up to greater emotional states of TRUST, RESPECT, KINDNESS, COMPASSION, and LOVE. I have a sense of peace and joy in my life, a clear vision for my future, and more energy and motivation than I have ever felt before! I am so grateful for this opportunity of being able to step out of my comfort zone, step into my power, and raise my vibration energetically. 

Lindsey Griffin

Intuitive Connections Therapy, LLC

Rachel Gilmore’s Transformational travel adventure in Bali was a trip of a lifetime for so many reasons. I went expecting to fine tune my small business plan, identify obstacles holding me back, and soak up the sun and the gratitude-filled, mindful, and collaborative culture that is inherent in Bali.
In this beautiful remote location, away from our daily lives and free from distractions, Rachel guided us through exercises  where we had to dig deep and let go. Brainstorming and supporting each other, we accomplished  all of the above and more! I am so proud of what we accomplished and the deeper friendships that we formed. This experience was powerful and productive and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to grow personally and professionally!

Meryl Hunte 

Connecting Kitchen 



I have always known I wanted to start a business, but have been struggling the last few years to formulate what that venture might look like. Having never met Rachel, I landed in Bali with nothing more than that desire and an open heart.  

Ten days later, after productive workshops, inspiring excursions, and vulnerable moments with my fellow attendees, I came home with a framework for a business. 

 Home less than a month, I have already signed my first client.  Not only could I not have accomplished this without the Influencers Retreat, I know that as I build my business, I will continue to work with Rachel for her invaluable guidance and accountability.

I am so grateful to her for her energy, her wisdom, and her beautiful heart.


Bettina Rappaport

The life you style 


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Thamel House -

Stay in Pokhara
Temple Tree -

Hotel in Chitwan
Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge -

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Tiger tops- jungle exploration

Nepal has an amazing track record in being able to reach zero poaching of rhinos and nearly doubling the tiger population. Some great learnings on animal human conflict resolution mechanism here. We partner with the most responsible lodge - Tiger Tops to start a jungle journey to understand wildlife, humans, the relationship and if we are very lucky - see a Royal Bengal Tiger in the wild. Today we just drive to reach the location and get a briefing and a sundowner.

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Day 1 Arrival

Nepal trip Day 1 - KATHMANDU - Interesting fact for today!

Soyambhunath Stupa during the sunset Walk and the dinner later!

Tradition has it that Kathmandu was a lake. The small morraine that held the lake together in the south was discovered by a hermit mediating in the hills who split it open with his sword, releasing the water to convert Kathmandu to a fertile valley, what it is now. When the lake dried out, the first hill to appear was the hill where this first Stupa was built, about 1500 years ago!

To honor its relation with Kathmandu, all original inhabitants of Kathmandu HAVE to go to the hill on pilgrimage at least once a year!

Interesting fact: Stupas were one of the first ways to iconify Buddhism, about six centuries post Buddhas death, when it was feared that Buddhism would die unless iconification was done.

The job was commissioned to two schools of art - one in India and one in current Afghanistan, things that were left over by Alexander the Great’s invasion attempt of India. So the design is basically Greek Mathematics! A half sphere, and on top a cube and a pyramid, skewered right in the middle to keep it together!

Kathmandu is part of the SALT ROUTE that leads from China to India, a tributary of the SILK ROUTE to Europe, so trade flourished. As the valley was fertile, the kings sponsored art and architecture - hence we have tons of it. Today the artisan skills are kept alive because of two things - handicrafts & earthquakes (the latter comes once around every 85 years and we have to redo traditional structures!

A great way to learn how things were kept alive in the past. Here is an interesting fact When some of the doors of the temples we have were carved by master woodcarvers, there was no America!

Later we have a traditional meal - Nepal has over 150 different ethnicities living in peace, together - the food also has hence a ton of variety, and since we have from 70m to the top of the world, its varied as well! We enjoy this in the evening!

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