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North Carolina. Explore, Ignite, Prosper

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Charlotte, NC, USA 91 DAYS
SAT 8 JAN 2022 - SAT 9 APR (UTC-05:00)
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4 hiking Day trips/4 zoom meetings

Embark on an adventure, Explore the Earth and your Soul. Emerge from the adventure connected to nature, yourself & a community of like minded individuals, a fire lit in your soul to create what you are born to create, and to know, feel, & BE Free!

Prosperity from living in alignment and doing what your soul is here to do IS FREEDOM!


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Grandfather Mountain to Callaway Peak

We begin the day at 10 am at the top parking lot of Grandfather Mountain.  We will do a group grounding session prior to starting the trail, this trial is approx. 8 miles round trip, out and back. The trail is rated hard, it has ladders to climb up and ropes to hold onto in places where it's slippery. Once we get to the top of the mountain we will stop for lunch (lunch & water will be provided for you) and a group coaching session. Once we complete the hike and return to our vehicles, before heading home we will close out the day in group ceremony celebrating our achievements & processing the day.

It is required to wear proper hiking shoes, tennis shoes are fine, bring a light day pack for carrying food, water, a journal and anything else you would like to carry.

The views are absolutely amazing on this trail so we will definately be capturing a lot of pictures.

This the 1st of the 4 hikes we will be doing during the 4 month program, it is not an easy hike for a reason, you will learn a great deal about yourself and how you operate in the world on this hike.  The purpose is not to race to the top and complete in record time, it is for you to learn about yourself, we will not be in a rush to complete but unfortunately at this location we have to be down off the mountain before the park closes at 6pm.

What's included; Park entrance fee, lunch, water, a journal, guided hike and coaching. (you may want to bring extra water if you drink a lot).

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Green River Narrows and Group Coaching

Welcome to hike 3 to the Green river narrows.  There is not much of a place to meet at the parking area of this hike so we will hike in a little way to find a place to stop and have our group coaching session on the trail. This hike is hard, at one point there are ropes for you to hold on to as you go down the trail because it is so steep. This trail is not very popular so we will have privacy. Once we get down to the narrows you will love the views and sounds of rushing water, make sure to bring a camera, good shoes to hike in, your journal and day backpack. We will have lunch (provided) on the large rocks and hold a coaching session on the rocks. There will be journaling exercises and no better place on earth to think and journal then there at the Green River Narrows! This hike is a turning point, You'll be making bold moves and really stepping into your power!! 
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Falls Creek Waterfall trail & group Coaching

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Carolinas. The trail is Hard and steep in places, 1 creek crossing, not very many people on this trail which makes it a favorite for me. 

Meet at the trailhead at 10 am, carpooling is available. Its 2.5 miles round trip to the falls and back. 

At the trailhead we will being the day with our first group coaching session before we start the hike, then we will hike to the falls and have lunch (provided) & a guided journaling exercise, then complete the hike with a ceremony at the end.

Bring hiking shoes, a day backpack, the journal that's been provided for you, extra water if necessary ( we will provide a bottle of water or coconut water), & your camera or phone for pictures.

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Green River Cove Trail and Group Coaching

The 4th and Final hike of this program. Green river cove trail runs along the green river in Saluda NC, its approx 8 miles out and back. this trail is not as difficult as the previous trails we have already completed but it is rated as hard. 

Meeting at the trailhead at 10am for a grounding exercise, make sure to bring your tennis shoes, day backpack, journal, camera, extra water if needed, a towel, bathing suit, you may want to wear a bathing suit under your hiking clothes or bring one to change into. Lunch provided.

Today we bring it all together, all the exploration of self and earth, all the growth and new awarenesses, all the creating you are doing, all the freedom you are feeling, all the connections you are making.... We CELEBRATE!


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Charlotte, NC, USA
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