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Portugal Photography Tour- Wayne Kaulbach

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Lisbon, Portugal 11 DAYS
SUN 23 APR 2023 - WED 3 MAY (UTC+00:00)

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Improving your photography techniques with award-winning photographer, Wayne Kaulbach

Location : Lisbon, Portugal

Wayne Kaulbach MPA F/PPABC, received his Masters Of Photographic Arts in 2004 and his Fellowship in 2006. Along with his wife Michelle Fleming, they have owned and operated Skylight Images, a multi-award winning photographic service specializing in natural light portraiture, in Vancouver since 1995.

Along with teaching travel and street photography through Langara’s Continuing Studies program for eight years, Wayne is also an ongoing contributor to Photo Life Magazine and a passionate travel and street photographer. Langara’s India Photography Tour in 2018, Morocco and Portugal Photography Tour in 2019 were the most recent tour led by Wayne. Having travelled extensively around the world, Wayne is eager to continue to share his knowledge along with his love of travel and street photography.

Check out Wayne’s work here.

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Lisbon, Portugal
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