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HEX: Global Innovation Programs

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SF | TLV | SG | MEL TBC $4,950AUD (excluding GST)

The Hacker Exchange connects forward-thinking entrepreneurs to the vibrant and innovative cultures of global innovation cities.

Over two inspiring weeks, you’ll join a select cohort of tertiary students to learn from world-class thought leaders and work hands-on in a global innovation city start-up environment.

** This is a sample program itinerary which is subject to change. **

Check in to your centrally located accommodation

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Intro and Ideation


Welcome and Orientation hosted by the Hacker Exchange and Australian government representatives.  Learn as they share their vision for how we can grow 'Team Australia' overseas.

Workshop topics throughout the include:

  • Networking in Silicon Valley
  • Learn startup principles
  • Team discussion about business ideas

We will typically end this day with a welcome dinner at a ridiculously delicious restaurant. 

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Startup Mindset


Working out of our fresh co-working space in the heart of the city, you will get the low down on the startup mindset. 

Examples of topics covered:

  • Lean Startup principles
  • The mindset of an entrepreneur
  • Risky Assumptions
  • Customer/Market validation

We typically have a working lunch led by one of our world-class mentors who will walk you through a pitch structure to work towards for the remainder of the program.

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Funding & Finance


Workshop topics include:

  • Business model canvas
  • Fundraising 
  • Consequences of taking investor money
  • FInancial management

There is also 1:1 and small group mentorship available on this day with HEX leaders and peer mentors available at this time to take questions and help you work through your startup idea.

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Startup Tour and Product Validation


In what is generally a pivotal day for our HEXies, we head to locations such as Google Launchpad for a validation session with an experienced entrepreneur and startup mentor.  This is followed by an exciting Tech Startup tour.  Our startup hosts will give an amazing insight into growing a startup, product management, raising capital, and life at a growing startup company.


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Branding & Culture


Workshop topics include:

  • Building team culture
  • Building your brand & marketing strategy
  • The Ethical Founder - how you can give back

On this day, we will typically explore the competition between big markets versus small markets with a Market Entry Expert and Mentor.  Our mentor will work with you to critically analyse your business idea and help set the frameworks for your thinking in the coming days.  

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Saturday: Free Day


Get lost!

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Sunday: Free Day/Mentor hours


The HEX leadership team and peer mentors will be available for 1 : 1 mentorship.  Otherwise, enjoy the weekend!

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Growth Hacking


We'll learn from experts that help startups and well-established companies build their growth marketing plans and achieve high-ROI results across their marketing channels with the tools and tactics designed for the now. 

A growth marketer with extensive experience will also guide you through your own growth marketing plan. 

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Full-day Pitch Workshop

DAY 10

A full day's workshop to polish your pitch and public speaking skills with a pitching and presentation coach who empowers people to present at high-stakes venues such as TED talks, investor pitches, keynotes, and sales meetings.

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DAY 11

Workshop topics include

  • Product development cycle
  • Trends in software
  • Searching for a technical co-founders

We will invite some Venture Capitalists and CEOs for an 'Ask Me (almost) Anything!' panel.  And if that's not enough, we will also visit a tech company who will take us deep in their software, followed by Q&A with the CTO. 

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Tech Giants Tour

DAY 12

We will visit some of the leading TECH COMPANIES in the region.  

We will also visit a university or two that you might have heard of...

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Final pitches and wrap up

DAY 13

Final pitch presentations in front of investors and mentors. Just breathe!

The HEX leadership team will lead a debrief and discuss the future of your HEX community.  We wrap up with, of course, an afterparty.

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Check out of accommodation

DAY 14

I'm not crying, you're crying.

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