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Breathe Right Essentials for Anxiety Management

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4 Hour Masterclass - Self Regulate your State of Being

Our mission is to sharpen your mental toolkit so that you can powerfully lean into the stress of everyday life & allow it to pass through you. Discover methodologies and practices that give you the most space to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. 

Gain in-depth knowledge and experience in each of the following breathing Modalities:

💨 The Wim Hof Method 

💨 The Oxygen Advantage

💨 XPT Performance Breathing 

What's Included

Come learn the essential techniques that will assist you in achieving your desired way of being in the world.


  • 3 Guided Breathwork Sessions
    • Relaxing Techniques
    • Centering techniques
    • Energizing techniques
  • Identifying your "Breath Range"
  • Bringing clarity to your "neutral breath"
  • Understand the purpose of a "control pause"
  • Uncover your personal biochemically balanced breath cadence
  • Build comfort with "breath hunger"
  • Learn the proper bio-mechanical tongue placement 
  • Q&A - Session
  • Additional Resources & support structures. 


🧘🏼‍♂️ stress and anxiety management 
💤 better more restful sleep
💙 chronic pain management
💪 enhanced performance 
❤ improved vascular & respiratory strength 
⚡ cultivated & centered energy
🧎‍♂️ connecting with your body
📉 breaking out of stale patterns


  • Audio only file
  • Video file 

💨💨💨 Be well and Breathe Deep you infinite possibilities! 💨💨💨

Your Instructor: Chuck McGee III

"My belief in the benefits of the Wim Hof Method is palpable and my drive to spread this method to others is relentless."  - Chuck McGee III

  •  Level 3 Wim Hof Method Instructor (one of the first in North America)
  •  Certified Oxygen Advantage Instructor
  •  Certified XPT performance breathwork coach

As a Type 1 Diabetic, I have a unique perspective on health. For years I have been practicing the method, including direct instruction from Wim Hof. I have helped lead expeditions up mountains in the winter in Poland and swam in freezing lakes worldwide. I even built a custom cold tub at my house so that I can take ice baths every day. 

It is my goal to connect to as many people as possible and be a part of the wave of social change that the WHM can help us achieve. My belief in the benefits of the WHM is palpable and my drive to spread this information to others is relentless.

WHM Instructor Profile:
Main Site:

"Chuck has so many amazing qualities it would be hard to list them here. His knowledge of the method and his instructions were impeccable. Throughout the weekend his great attitude continued to spread through everyone in the group" - Trenton Pruitt 

"If you can into a workshop or do one on one training with Chuck, I highly recommend it! Thanks Chuck for restoring some hope and for reminding me to believe in my own capabilities" - Moana Hendrix


Your Instructor: Chris Wurden

"I am here to share with you the incredible balancing power of the breath. Come on this journey with me to explore how you can use your breath as a lever to self regulate in any situation life throws at you" - Chris Wurden 

  • Wim Hof Method Instructor in Training
  • Oxygen Advantage Instructor in Training
  • Certified Gong Yoga Nidra Practitioner 
  • Soundsmith  - Relaxation & Transformational Sound
  • Founder of the Human Activation Movement

Chris will be performing live music support with handpand, tongue drums, crystal bowls and powerful gongs. 

Listen to the music sample by Chris Wurden:

💓🎶 🎶

"Amazing breath work directions done with ease and grace, his voice is like a tonic. Then he transitions into a sound bath that will transform you... lucky for all of us to know such a talent and in a time we need tonic to the soul and grace to all beings." Tara Scouten

"Discovered Soundsmith Wurden during the stay home stay safe directive... his sessions provide me with mental and energy healing during a time where healing is needed worldwide. So very appreciative of your sharing. Thank you" Melissa Timme

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