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Impact Safari Israel

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Jerusalem, Israel TBC

Intimate safari to the heart of the Middle East

Join us for an intimate safari to the heart of the Middle East. We will explore the role of impact investment, social entrepreneurship and social innovation in building peace. Travel across borders to meet social entrepreneurs working on huge social challenges, and engage in workshops and round tables with those finding ways to rally capital and support for their causes. We will also explore philosophies of peace and leadership that we can apply in our own lives.

Guide: [NAME HERE]

Your guide is [NAME HERE], ....

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You'll be met at the airport and transferred to the hotel to refresh and prepare for an intense 2 weeks.

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DAY 15

You'll be returned to the airport in time to catch your flight (don't forget to upload your flight details!)

Time to head home and take all the lessons back to process and incorporate into your life.

Take the time in the quiet of the airplane to journal or contemplate the experiences you've had so you can remember everything that happened.

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Jerusalem, Israel
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