If you’re a spiritually curious woman who is ready to discover your lunar power and break free from old patterns, then join us for a weekend retreat where you are going to come away with personalized tools to help you co-create a life of authentic joy!

Gathering of the Moon Goddesses ✨🌕✨

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Welcome to the Gathering of the Moon Goddesses

You’re sitting in the warmth and comfort of a cozy chalet filled with floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking the snow gently falling on the majestic pine trees outside. For as far as the eye can see, you are embraced by winter’s beauty, under the light of the full moon.

Inside, you are surrounded by an intimate group of women, sitting in a sacred circle of connection filled with trust and reverence for the ceremony about to take place. Soul-filling music fills the room as you are guided to meet your divine inner goddess, who wants you to live your most courageously authentic and joyful life

Together, in sacred trust, you share stories of the patterns and behaviors that are no longer serving your well-being, and you recognize that you are not alone. The tears and laughter that fill the space encourage you to let go of what others think and to be fully yourself in a way you haven’t since you were a child. You are in a safe sanctuary of love.

As the evening of ceremonial dancing and connection under the stars draws to a close, you gaze upon the Full Virgo Moon shining down upon you and give thanks for this opportunity to rediscover your divine feminine power, knowing that you will be forever changed for the better. With a reverent bow, you nod your head and enter back into the warmth of the chalet, arms wrapped around your new friends and soul sisters, echos of laughter in the air...

Oh My Goddess! By the end of this journey you will...

Release Fear of the Unknown

  • On this retreat, through guided meditations, reiki and releasing rituals, you will experience practical modalities to help you embrace the unknown so that you can go home and live your most courageously authentic life (even without knowing “what’s next”)!

Carve out restorative time alone

  • During our time together, through quiet contemplation and restorative moments in nature, you will nurture your body and mind so that you can go home feeling connected to your body’s rhythms and desires!

Feel happy, energized and alive!

  • Together we will embark on a hot springs excursion, where I will guide you through a cold plunge ritual so that you can feel the adrenaline of being fully alive and go home knowing that you have the courage to do hard things!

Make meaningful connections

  • Throughout the weekend, through intimate discussions and intentional downtime in small groups, you will have the opportunity to meet new women so that you know that you’re not alone. Not now, not ever.

Remember who you are and what lights you up

  • While we’re together, through soul-filling music, a full moon ceremony, and guided meditations, I will guide you to bring out your inner child to play so that you can go home remembering what Life feels like when lived from a place of courageous authenticity!

Garden Valley Majesty

Just over an hour outside of the bustling Boise city limits lies the charming town of Garden Valley, Idaho. Surrounded by the lower Sawtooth mountains, majestic pine trees and the Payette river, you will discover Nature’s playground full of natural hot springs and surpassing beauty.

Once you arrive at our Garden Valley Haven, you will experience the peace and quiet that your busy mind craves and the ideal setting to stargaze under the Full Moon. Imagine sipping a cup of coffee from the hot tub while taking in the 270 degree view of mountains, trees and charming landscape on this 35-acre property. Or curling up with a blanket and your journal from a rocking chair on the front veranda while looking out for elk and eagles in the distant pasture.


Step Into Your Lunar Power and the Garden Valley Haven

The Haven has two separate living spaces for our group to spread out and enjoy. The Chalet is where our group meals, meditations and discussion circles will take place. The upstairs portion of the chalet provides two private bedrooms, each with a queen bed, a shared bathroom and a common loft space. You can choose to luxuriate in the privacy of your own bed, or share it with a soul sister and giggle yourselves to sleep.

Across the stone path from the Chalet you may choose to reside in the Farmhouse Chic Barn where you’ll find two spacious rooms to rest your head. The bunk room accommodates four guests in the playful arrangement of a double bunk that we adored so much as children, yet with the aesthetic sophistication that we appreciate as adults: who gets top bunk?

The second room in the farmhouse barn provides two double beds for you and a bestie to jump upon to your heart’s delight before turning in for a peaceful night’s rest. The barn house rooms have a shared bathroom with two showers, where you can all have fun getting ready for the day together. 

Whichever room you choose, you will experience the cozy comfort of a natural sanctuary that feels like home.

CUISINE: Meals Made with Love

When was the last time you had a delicious, nutritious, hearty home-cooked vegetarian meal that would make your Nana’s heart sing and dance? While on our retreat together, you will be pampered by the soul-filling vegetarian cuisine prepared by Dancing Chef Matt Lambert. We’ll start each day with a coffee, tea and juice bar followed by a delicious community breakfast to fuel us for the day. 

For lunch, I cannot wait to enjoy his updated version of my childhood favorite, grilled cheese and tomato soup. The Dancing Chef version incorporates rustic grilled veggies into the grilled cheese which will be paired with a tomato bisque. YUM-oh!

Each evening we will gather around the community dinner table to enjoy scrumptious meals such as lentils stew and white bean chili with poblanos and red peppers. And don’t you fret, we have got your sweet tooth covered with delectable cookie platters and special Black Magic cupcakes. Oh my goddess, the cuisine is going to take this weekend retreat to the moon and back!

Please note: If you have any dietary restrictions/needs, please let us know! We are more than happy to accommodate you.

OUR JOURNEY: Open-hearted connection

Our soul-filling time together in Garden Valley will begin the moment you step out of your car and breathe in the scent of pine trees and freshly fallen snow. Moments later, you'll be greeted by the smell of warm cacao as you enter the warmth of the chalet.

There, we'll drop in to a safe space of openhearted connection, followed by a guided visualization and the rich cocoa ceremony, leaving you with a sense of hope and joy for the delights of the weekend ahead.

After a hearty and delicious vegetarian community dinner, you'll enjoy free time intermixed with personalized sessions with the facilitators (everything from your personalized Nakshatra Birth Star Mantra to Reiki and crystal healing to harnessing your lunar power and more!) Or maybe you'll start your weekend creating a soul collage, or chatting with new friends over a cup of tea, or gazing at the star-filled night sky before resting your head on a soft pillow for a restful night’s sleep.



OUR JOURNEY: Letting in and Letting go

As the sun rises on a new day, we will venture out to the local hot springs for an invigorating soak amongst the pines, taking in the sweeping vistas of the mountains, river and wildlife. While immersed in nature’s beauty, you will have the opportunity to face your fear of discomfort through a cold plunge ritual so that you can go home knowing that you have the courage to do hard things and remember how it feels to be FULLY ALIVE!

As the sun sets on our day, we will once again gather around the community table for a hearty and healthy vegetarian meal, then celebrate our Divine Feminine Moon Goddesses at the Full Virgo Moon Circle & Spirit Flow Ceremony. Laughter, Dancing, Authenticity, Vulnerability, Commitment to Self, Community & Joy fill the night air into the quiet stillness of the night.

On our final day together, before we hug and part ways, we will once again come together in a ceremonial circle to share in our revelations and the take-aways from the weekend. As you journey home, you are filled with a sense of hopeful excitement for the divine wisdom you’ve gained and the anticipation of stepping into your most courageously authentic and joyful life!  

Lasting Impact

This trip is for you if:

heartYou’re ready to let go of old stories, limiting beliefs and patterns that hold you back from living your most joyful, authentic life!

heartYou want to wake up each day feeling energized, alive and aligned with your divine power and purpose.

heartYou’re ready to love yourself and give yourself permission to put yourself and your soul needs at the top of your priority list 

heartYou want to spend your time incorporating activities and experiences that light you up with authentic joy

heartYou’re ready to make meaningful connections with a group of spiritually-minded soul sisters.

heartOn this retreat, through one-on-one sessions, group discussions & guided experiences, you will be invited to meet your divine goddess who will help you to let go of your fear and remember who you are, so that you can return home equipped with the spiritual tools that will allow you to co-create the life of authentic joy that you most desire!

Meet Your Facilitators

Andrea Blythe

Hello Friend! I’m Andrea Blythe and I’m glad you’re here! I’m the creator of Let Love Rise, and I’m passionate about the moon, music, mindset and the Magi.  

Just a few years ago, I was living a life that I hardly recognize anymore. I was a busy mom of three active kids, two dogs, a husband and I managed our large home and fast-paced lifestyle in the midst of a hustle and bustle urban metropolis. 

In 2020 everything changed: My 20-year marriage ended, school was canceled, my oldest son struggled with addiction & suicidal ideations and was sent to therapeutic boarding school, my dog died, my youngest questioned gender identity, a former student passed away at age 19, and we were not allowed to be in the presence of other humans due to Coronavirus restrictions. This profound transformation took me to the darkest depths of my soul where I had to discover who I was and what mattered most to me. Along my journey, I met spiritual teachers and guides who helped me transform my pain into the joyful, beautiful life that I live today. And I want to pay that gift forward.

My mission is to help women like me to release stories that no longer serve and equip them with tools that will help them co-create the life of their dreams! 


Burma Naylor

Wanderlust Malas & Reiki

It all started during a reawakening in southern Baja....a story best shared in person! As a decades long recipient of Reiki, I've experienced its many benefits first hand. I am honored to offer this healing modality, along with crystal and sound healing, as way to bring more peace and calm and harmony into the lives of others. 

I help people relax. I help you find and feel peace - no matter how far from your current reality that may seem. This is done through intuitive energy work. We'll bring attention to the words you use and the energy you carry. I'm here to help add tools to your toolbox. 

  • Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master
  • Medical Reiki Master ™
  • Okuden Reiki II
  • Shoden Reiki I
  • Holy Fire® Reiki  II
  • Holy Fire® Reiki I
  • Sound Healer

Brandi Wolf

Golden Alchemy Meditation

When I was young meditation came naturally, however it was not consistent and I became more of a crisis meditator. Until crisis and trauma actually hit. A series of events left me in pain and in what some call, "dark nights of the soul." Healing my own heart became a journey of self-discovery that awakened my soul and eventually lead me to becoming a Certified Master of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher in 2021 and graduate of the advanced training, Deeper Still, in 2023.

Matt Lambert

Dancing Chef

Chef Matt Lambert graduated from Scottsdale Community College Culinary program and has a passion for cooking healthy and delicious meals. Matt is known for his mad sauce skills and is very proud of his BBQ and Marinara sauce, which were years in the making. Over the years he has cultivated menu items to fit many dietary needs as his wife follows a pescatarian diet and is allergic to cow dairy and gluten.

Full Moon Bonuses

WIth participation in this Innaugural Let Love Rise Retreat, you get bonuses! Woo hoo! (You get a bonus! You get a bonus!)

  • Clarity Call: one-on-one, 20-minute clarity call so we can get to know each other better and understand what you hope to get out of our weekend together & how I can best support you during our time together and beyond.
  • Access to Private Retreat Facebook Group: you will have access pre and post trip to our private Gathering of the Goddess Moon Facebook Group as a way to connect with others on our trip, ask questions and receive updates. The group will endure long after the light of the full virgo moon fades!
  • Access to Personalized Retreat Playlist: you will have immediate access to the specially curated Gathering of the Moon Goddesses playlist so that you can begin to connect to the music that will accompany us on our adventure together. 
  • REGISTER BEFORE 2-8-24 and receive a bonus FREE invitation to the LIVE Let Love Rise New Moon Circle & Guided Visualization at 10am MST (meeting virtually). Recording of the New Moon circle will be available afterwards in our Retreat Facebook Group.

What's included

  • Lodging in the cozy chalet or farmhouse chic barn for two restorative nights
  • Cacao ceremony and welcome reception to set the intention for our time together.
  • Two Delicious and healthy home-cooked community dinners that will nourish your body, mind and goddess spirit. 
  • Nakshatra Birth Star Mantra Session with Brandi Wolf of Golden Alchemy Meditation
  • Private Reiki and Crystal Healing Session with Burma Naylor of Wanderlust Malas and Reiki
  • Harness Your Lunar Power and Moon Goddess Session with Andrea Blythe of Let Love Rise
  • Daily breakfast spreads while that will awaken your taste buds and fuel your mind for the day ahead
  • Star Mantra Meditation Class to invite us to step in to our divine Moon goddess energy
  • Saturday upscaled lunch classic: rustic grilled veggie cheese sandwich with tomato bisque
  • Release Your Fear Exursion to local hot springs
  • Full Moon Spirit Flow "Dance of the Moon Goddesses" with releasing Full Moon Ceremony
  • Restorative downtime options such as soul collage, journaling, oracle deck cards, nature walks


What's not included

  • Transportation to and from the Chalet (although carpooling arrangements will be made for the Goddesses who prefer to passenge)
  • Alcohol of any kind; for the sacred journey that we are going to embark on together, we kindly ask that all participants keep their body temple alcohol free for the duration of the weekend.
  • Personal snacks
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance 
Garden Valley, ID, USA
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