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Lord Howe Island NSW, Australia 8 days A$10,000.00
15 - 22 SEPTEMBER, 2019
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By popular demand the Lord Howe trip is back and better than ever! 

Our 7 Peaks & 7 Seas Lord Howe Island Challenge will take in the best sites and experiences of this world heritage listed natural wonder. With seven stunning peaks to climb and seven incredible bays, swimming holes and natural aquatic wonders to explore, you’ll need every one of the four world-class meals offered daily at Pinetrees Lodge resort.

Lord Howe Island is an island paradise in every sense of the word. Fringed by the world’s most southern coral reef and benefiting from the warm east coast current, the island is full of some of the most diverse, beautiful and unique flora, fauna and marine life. With the mist-covered Mt Gower and Mt Lidgebird rising straight up out of the ocean, the east coast bays and sandy beaches, the northern peaks of North Head and Mount Eliza, and the coral fringed lagoon of the West Coast, the 11km long Island is an adventurers paradise.

This is a unique way to see one of the true bucket-list destinations in the world. Pinetrees resort, voted Trip Advisor’s Australian hotel of the year for the last two years and people’s choice winner, will be your home for the week.


As a LifeChanger Challenge Series participant, you’ll have the opportunity to be a part of an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Immerse yourself in spectacular environments, feel your heart in your chest and your feet on ground as you hike, swim, climb and reconnect with who you are. 

You’re not alone.

You’ll be joined by a group of like-minded inspiring individuals who believe in giving back, and who are willing to be the change they want to see in their own lives, and the lives of their family, friends and wider community.

You’ll be guided through the Challenge by our experienced Challenge Leaders including former former elite sports coach Scott Watters, six-time Ironman Trevor Hendy, and local Lord Howe guides.

Our LifeChanger Ambassadors never miss an opportunity to join a Challenge! You will be joined by the likes of Pat Rafter (Tennis Champion), Sam Riley (Olympic Swimmer), Hayden Quinn (Master Chef Finalist) and Karla Gilbert (Iron Women Champion) Alice Kunek (Gold Medalist, Basketball) Robbie Kearns (Melbourne Storm, Team of the Decade) Adam Thompson (Vocalist, Chocolate Starfish) Dermott Brereton (AFL Legend) Mason Cox (AFL Player) Ali Day (Australian Opal).

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Day 1 | Arrival

Location : Lord Howe Island, New South Wales, Australia

Our first day is about forming a connection between ourselves and the land, preparing our minds and bodies for an amazing week of discovery and wonder that awaits. Through a series of activities that promote self-exploration, we begin to brace ourselves for a challenging, yet rewarding adventure. We finish our first night by watching the breathtaking sunset in one of the most exquisitely beautiful and naturally stunning environments on Earth.

And so, the Challenge begins....

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Day 2 | Between a Cliff and a Hard Place

Location : Lord Howe Island, New South Wales, Australia

After a scenic morning hike, we find ourselves at the meeting between Herring Pools & Old Gulch, situated on the north-east side of island. What lies in store here is a spectacular swim in the gulch, followed by a challenging ascent up into Herring Pools. Once we reach the top, we're rewarded with a serene walk from Settlement Beach, up unto the western facing front.

The views from up here are simply breathtaking and need to be seen to be believed.

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Day 2 | Kite Surfing

Location : Lord Howe Island, New South Wales, Australia

From May through September, Lord Howe Island has some of the strongest winds of the year. They come roaring up along Lord Howe Island’s coastline, and these in combination with the warm watered, shallow reefs create optimal conditions for kite surfing. Both flatwater and open ocean kite surfing opportunities are available for the taking, with keen surfers often opting for the challenging lagoon, Ned’s Beach or further out to the ocean reef breaks, all the while able to admire the spectacular natural surroundings. 

Adrenaline is guaranteed to be pumping by the end of the day, so a quiet night by the campfire to relax and unwind is surely on the cards!

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Day 3 | Base Jump

Location : Mount Gower, Lord Howe Island NSW, Australia

At 875m above sea level, Mount Gower towers proudly on the southern tip of Lord Howe Island and with its endemic flora and fauna, there is no other mountain like it in the world. It's 3 hours of hard, adventurous and unique trekking to reach the top, but the results speak for themselves - and the thrill of the base jump? Like nothing else you've ever experienced!

After everyone has conquered the base jump, a dive boat picks us up so that we can cozy back up for another day of adventures!


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Day 3 | Fluorescent Night Snorkel

Location : Lord Howe Island, New South Wales, Australia

The Night Snorkelling and the Coral Fluorescence Tour is perfect for those seeking adventure. The team will be provided with quality snorkelling equipment specially designed to view the beauty of the coral fluorescence. Snorkelling locations visited during this tour are clearly marked with illuminated boundary markers, providing us with a safe and clear journey through this amazing natural habitat.

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Day 3 | The Bunny

Location : Blackburn Island, Australia

Blackburn Island, also known as Bunny Rabbit Island is known for it's crystal clear waters, great swimming oppurtunities and it's white sand beaches. Whether you want to dive right in or just take your shoes off and let the water wash over your feet, you're going to find something for you here. We will be using a combination of swimming, paddling on half boards in our 3km journey around the island. 

As the golden hour of the sun sets in, there is not better time to practice some yoga in the sunshine and let the stress go away as the night rolls in!


The Bunny Rabbit Island (blackburn island) swim and padle, utilise half boards, half swimmers and share journey out and around. 3km.

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Day 4 | Big Bad Billy

Location : Blinky Beach, New South Wales, Australia

We begin by making our way part way up Bowker Ave before branching off through the lush palm forest , coming out along the fence line above the Pinetrees’ paddock. From there it's a steady climb up to the summit of Transit Hill. The lookout platform on the summit has breaktaking 360 degree views. Once we've finished taking in all the sights and fresh mountain air, we'll trek .5km down for a refreshing swim in the waters below!

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Day 4 | Shark Bait

Location : Lord Howe Island, New South Wales, Australia

Day 4 is truly something not to be missed, as we take the chance to set sails over blue seas in a glass bottom boat. This amazing experience allows us to safely view and even swim with Great White sharks as they circle the blue coral habitats around. This is not for the feint of heart but truly unlike any other sightseeing trip you'll ever find! 

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Day 5 | Ned's Beach

Location : Ned Beach, New South Wales, Australia

Ned's beach is known for more than just it's otherworldly coral reefs and pristine beaches. Wade into the water and you'll find yourself surrounded Mullet, Wrasse, Garfish, Silver-drummer, Spangled Emperor and Kingfish. But don't worry, they're friendly, so friendly that you are even given the chance to hand feed them! If you feel like getting a better look, snorkels, flippers and masks are provided by an 'honesty box', a throwback to an older time. 

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Day 5 | The Arch

Location : Lord Howe Island, New South Wales, Australia

Make your way out to Roach Island, an islet of the Admiralty group and paddle through the narrow passage that slices through the island. This is one of the best ways to explore the beaches, bays and reefs within Lord Howe’s protected Lagoon; nestled in the belly of the island by paddle board! 

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Day 6 | Mt Gower Hike

The hike up Lord Howe Island’s Mt Gower is not for the faint hearted. Widely regarded as one of Australia's toughest but most spectacular day walks, its 875m summit can be challenging. The return journey takes between 8-10 hours through a lot of unmarked track, with sections so steep that ropes have been fixed to help you climb up. All the hard work pays off though when you reach the top with pristine views of the island only avaliable from the top. Some of the flora and fauna of Mt Gower cannot be seen anywhere else in the world; if you’re lucky, you might even see a Lord Howe Island woodhen, an endemic bird brought back from the brink of extinction in recent decades. If you're lucky enough you might witness an unusual wildlife experience unlike any other – the providence petrels almost fall from the sky to your very feet if you make enough noise. So what are you waiting for? Get stomping!

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Day 7 | Free Day

Location : Lord Howe Island, New South Wales, Australia

Today is our last day of activities. We will focus on reflecting upon our travels so far, sharing our learning experiences with each other. Afterwards, we will undertake some unwinding relaxation tasks. 

But for the rest of the our day it's up to you to spend it how you like! Have a favorite spot or memory from the trip so far? Why not go take the time to revisit it and then say a final farewell to the mountain - tomorrow we begin our trip home.


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Day 8 | Goodbye

Wake up to our final meditation and yoga session; a time to reconnect with our body's and mind's after what has been an physical and emotionally demanding journey. A bus will come pick us up so we can rest our feet before heading into town for a last meal and chance to browse some of the wonderful shops and boutiques around the wharf. 

We depart for our flight home at 8pm, so take your time to say a last goodbye!

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Lord Howe Island NSW, Australia
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