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How travel planners can create even better travel experiences for clients and increase profitability

Encourage bookings: Let travelers know when available spots are running out
Set the group size: Specify the required number of people per booking
Best practices: early bird packages, single supplement, extended stay options and more. 

🔥 OFFER every traveler the price option they prefer
🔥  UPSELL more immersive higher value packages
🔥  BE MORE EFFICIENT (and relaxed) managing room inventory


"I’ve been wanting to improve our customer on-boarding process for a while, I knew it was too cumbersome. All the emails, things we wanted people to do and read and videos to watch are just all over the map. Now having YouLi as this clean booking system with clear tasks and deadlines – I love it!"

 -  Elinor Fish, Run Wild Retreats

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Ellie Huizenga - Academy Resident, Support Guru

Ellie is a digital nomad with passion for sustainable & transformational travel. With a love for solving problems, Ellie is your go-to person for any questions when planning trips on YouLi. 

Connect with Ellie via YouLi Chatbox, and see her in How-TO videos.
When not supporting you in all things YouLi, Ellie is hiking/skiing in the mountains or trying to learn surfing somewhere in the ocean. 

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Jen Fein - CEO, Digital Engineer & Product Manager, Tech Visionary

Jen Fein is he co-founder and CEO of YouLive To Travel, the creators of YouLi - Group Travel Made Easy

"We do things a little differently because we know that algorithms don’t know the best places to go, only the best organizers do. We are building technology to empower travel planners to create the transformational experiences that will change the way travelers see the world." 

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Vika De Tyan - Community & Marketing

Viktoria (Vika) connects development team with the community of travel planners by sharing best practices and success stories as well as hosting monthly Community Events.

Viktoria is a digital nomad currently based out of Seattle, WA. She is also a part of the Transformational Travel Council support team. 

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