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Getaboutable is excited to announce our partnership with YouLi to create to create an online marketplace for accessible tours and experiences -- a great cost-effective solution for inclusive travel operators of all sizes. 

  • connects the travel & leisure sector with increasing demand from people with mobility, hearing, vision and other accessibility needs (think baby boomers, as well as people with disabilities).
  • YouLi is a unique travel management platform that allows you to create beautiful itineraries, take bookings & payments, and it also automates collection of traveller documents and other information.

We invite you to list your itineraries and experiences on the Accessible Travel Marketplace.

To learn more about YouLi, watch this quick 90 second video:

If you want to see more of what YouLi does, have a look at this 1-HOUR MASTERCLASS.

Click here to sign up to your FREE YouLi account and explore the platform before the event

Getaboutable Special Offer - FUTURE READY: 
To start taking bookings you can upgrade to FUTURE READY for just $5 USD/month (AUD$8+GST). 

Melbourne/Sydney - Wednesday, July 22, 4:00 PM
Auckland -
Wednesday, July 22, 6pm
Adelaide -
Wednesday, July 22, 3:30pm
Tokyo -
Wednesday, July 22, 3pm
Bali/Singapore -
Wednesday, July 22, 2pm
Dubai -
Wednesday, July 22, 10am
Berlin/Madrid/Paris -
Wednesday, July 22, 8am
London -
Wednesday, July 22, 7am
New York/Miami/Santiago -
Wednesday, July 22, 2am
San Francisco -
Tuesday, July 21, 11pm

JOIN the Zoom link for LIVE WEBINAR

Host: Yasmine Gray

Getaboutable's Founder, Yasmine Gray has a lifetime of experience as an avid traveller for both business and leisure, including over 20 years of travel with a disability.

Pronounced “Get-About-Able”, getaboutable is a social enterprise focused on improving travel & leisure options for people with mobility, hearing, vision or other accessibility needs. All profits are re-invested to empower people with disabilities to participate in travel & leisure activities, and to help the travel & leisure sector be more inclusive for people with disabilities.

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YouLive To Travel


YouLive To Travel, creators of YouLi - Group Travel Made Easy, is a diverse team with a passion for travel and technology. 

"We do things a little differently because we know that algorithms don’t know the best places to go, only the best organizers do. We are building technology to empower travel planners to create the transformational experiences that will change the way travelers see the world." 

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Click HERE to sign up and try YouLi FREE!


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Interactive Webinar

We will present the platform, onboarding process to help you get started, and answer all the questions. 

We want to hear from you. There may be things holding you back, there may be ideas you want to bounce off your peers. There may be things you wish YouLi could do for you. Remember that the questions in your mind are probably the same as others and don't be afraid to speak up.

After the event, we will post the recording so you can re-watch it any time. 

With any questions please email [email protected]

You can set up a demo call via THIS LINK. 

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