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Running Private Retreats with Nick Vannello

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Running Private Retreats takes special skills and a careful set up. 

During this community meetup the transformational retreat specialist, trainer, co-founder of the Gentlemen's Magazine and small business coach, Nickolas Vannello is sharing his insights on organizing transformational (and profitable) retreats and delivering value to his audience. 

Nick Vannello is using YouLi travel platform to empower his retreats. 
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Host: Jennifer Fein

Jennifer is the CEO and Co-Founder of YouLive to Travel. She's also the product visionary behind YouLi, the platform you're looking at right now. She loves to hear from her community to know what problems need to be solved and make sure YouLi is constantly improving to meet your needs.

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Co-host: Nickolas Vannello

Nick is a passionate Trainer, Author, Entrepreneur, Retreat Specialist, and a Small Business Coach. 

"I've been a successful trainer for one simple reason -- I love what I do, and I do it extremely well. I excel at digesting complex material, breaking it down into palatable chunks, and offering the material to students in an easy-to-understand format.

I have been self-publishing a men's niche magazine for the last 5 years. The magazine's philosophy and mission has allowed me to create transformational workshops and retreats, where I am able to serve and connect a larger body of like-minded men."


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We thank all the participants for the wonderful conversation!

You can get in touch with Nick Vannello via LinkedIn

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