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REFUND PROTECT | Best Practices  

with Bianca Giles of Reho Study Tours
Increase your profits - protect your business against cancellations 



Bianca Giles is a Manager at Reho Study Tours, Australia’s leading supplier of Study Tours, since 1992. 
During this webinar Bianca is sharing her experience with Refund Protect as the service Reho Tours offers to their clients. 





Refund Protect is for any company in the world that makes bookings that are non-refundable and whose customers would like the ‘option’ of a refund in circumstances that are unforeseen and outside of their control.
This is especially helpful if a traveler needs to cancel last minute and you cannot offer a refund per your cancellation policy.

Keep your travelers happy without being out of pocket!



  • What is Refund Protect and how it works.
  • Why did you decide to integrate with RP? Why would you recommend RP to other travel businesses?
  • How do you explain the difference between refundable bookings and travel insurance? Can you/should travelers have both?
  • What is the RP adoption rate among your travelers?
  • How do you communicate the RP terms to travelers? Did you come across any misunderstandings?
  • What do you recommend operators put in their terms and conditions regarding RP / What did you change in your terms & conditions when implementing RP?
  • How did it impact your relationship with the clients?
  • Have you experienced additional Customer care costs from increased inquiries
  • The Refundable booking costs 5% for the traveler, but YouLi can be configured to add more.
  • What % booking cost do you typically recommend?
  • How do you define Cancellation (during cooling-off period) vs applying for a Refund?
  • When does the trip "Start" for the purposes of claiming – when you leave your house on the way to the airport? Or when you arrive at the start of your tour if the flight is not included?
  • Currently YouLi makes it possible to make the ENTIRE booking refundable, but you’re looking to allow them to make individual payments refundable, why is that important?


FAQ & Resources: 

  1. Help document about YouLi - RP integration
  2. Example Refund Protect FAQ for your Travelers (curtesy of Reho Study Tours)


Here is a short teaser: 
(Full webinar is located in the REPLAY section)


WHO this is for:  

✔ Group travel professionals looking to protect their travelers against unpredictable circumstances prior to the departure

Jen Fein - Co-founder, CEO, Thought Leader, Visionary

Jen Fein is the product visionary behind YouLi and an epic group travel planner. 

After years of building digital products as an engineer and product manager for large global businesses, Jennifer is now making software that empowers passionate people to start and scale group travel businesses.  She met her technical co-founder Bron at a #shehacks event in Melbourne. Together they are growing YouLi into the Shopify for group travel. 

She is also the co-author of Ready to Start? Becoming an Entrepreneur in Australia. And a regular speaker/moderator.


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Bianca Giles - Manager at Reho Study Tours | Reho Travel | Certified BCorp

Reho Study Tours is Australia’s leading supplier of Study Tours, since 1992 we have organised thousands of individually designed programs for universities, private corporations and special
interest groups.

We have the expertise to develop and coordinate a tailor-made study tour for you or alternatively to put together the travel components of a study tour that you have developed in-house.

Reho Study Tours is proud to be a certified B Corporation, which means we compete to not only be the best in the world but to be the best for the world. Our high standards of social and environmental
performance, transparency and accountability means that we partner with suppliers who will ensure
our study program has a positive impact

What is a Study Tour?
A study tour is a travel experience with specific learning goals.

Study tours emphasise experiential learning and offer both group and self-directed activities that enable participants to explore new territories, cultures, and people.

International study tours are a unique opportunity for students to combine an overseas travel and cultural experience with studies focusing on various aspects of a region or area of study.

Get in touch with Bianca -->

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What is covered: 

·  What is Refund Protect and how it works.

·  What did you change in your terms & conditions when implementing RP?

·  How did it impact your relationship with the clients?

·  What is the RP adoption rate among your clients?

·  What policies and procedures travel planners should pay attention to when adding RP to their services?

·  How do you communicate the RP terms to leads and clients? Did you come across any misunderstandings?

·  How do you define Cancellation Vs applying for a Refund?

·  When does the trip "Start" for the purposes of claiming?

·  Why do you recommend it to other travel professionals?

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