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Re-Launch Group Trips 2021 | Best Practices

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▶ How To Re-Launch Group Trips Post-Covid19

"Digital presence will be critical for successful recovery of small tour operators in 2021 and beyond" 

WHAT We Cover: 

🎯 HOW-TO: Basic travel website. 
Opportunities: the easiest way to refresh your outdated website or launch a new one. 

🎯 Success stories. 
A panel of small tour operators from around the globe will share their wins and challenges shifting operations and re-launching travel post-pandemic. 

🎯  Best practices & Q&A
Common pre-launch mistakes and words of wisdom. 

🎯 EASY Launch with minimum budget. 
Overview of the tools that can make your re-launch stress-free. 

WHO This is for:  

Group Tour Operators looking to re-launch and grow their travel related business
Group Coaches & Retreat Leaders building community
Travel agents and entrepreneurs in need to launch the website "YESTERDAY"!
Travel Marketplaces


Success Stories: 

Plug-and-play travel website: ParTee Golf Tours, Melanated Travel, Adventure Out Loud
Mid-budget custom websiteRareAir Travel
Full custom web development: GoSchoolies

“People are itching to travel, they are ready to go! And the cost of YouLi platform is so worth it when it comes to keeping all the things together. There are a lot of folks, who do group trips, but don’t professionalize it because they expect the management to be overwhelming. YouLi makes it SO EASY! It does every single thing that needs to be done. I was able to launch in 2 DAYS!”

– Sophia Boyer, Melanated Travel


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Business Examples by: 

  1. Free Website: ParTee Golf Tours 
  2. Mid Budget website: RareAir Travel
  3. Custom web development: GoSchoolies

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BONUS: How To Build Plug-n-Play Itinerary Website

Watch full Webinar replay on "How To Build Free Travel Website For Group Tour Operators - powered by YouLi"

Please email questions [email protected]


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BONUS: Learn Source Tracking - Blog

Read THIS BLOG ARTICLE to learn more around source tracking and how it can help you GET MORE BOOKINGS in 2021. 
With questions, please email [email protected]

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HOST: Jen Fein - CEO, Digital Engineer & Product Manager, Tech Visionary

Jen Fein is he co-founder and CEO of YouLive To Travel, the creators of YouLi - Group Travel Made Easy

"We do things a little differently because we know that algorithms don’t know the best places to go, only the best organizers do. We are building technology to empower travel planners to create the transformational experiences that will change the way travelers see the world." 

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Co-Host: Vika De Tyan - YouLi Community & Marketing

Viktoria is a part of YouLive To Travel team and as a marketing guru she is dedicated to empower small tour operators to bring their best selves and rebuild the travel industry to be sustainable, authentic, and transformational. 

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Co-Host: Geoff Craig - YouLi Partnerships & Customer Success

Geoff Craig is a passionate global traveler and cricket tragic. 

He is also a channel sales professional with over 20 years experience in hardware, software and services. Geoff is bringing YouLi technology to the travel and experience businesses that are ready to scale their group travel and unique travel offerings.

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Tour Operator: Global Family Travels - WA, USA

Global Family Travels'  Seattle Community Day Tours and Pacific Northwest Regenerative Adventures unite our Learn, Serve & Immerse travel pillars to offer impactful, community-focused outings to learn about this beautiful region’s diverse communities, natural surroundings and history in fun and engaging ways.  

These adventures are offered in partnership with non-profits in Greater Seattle that address local social and environmental issues, and support local communities and businesses. These community adventures can also be offered as Team Building Experiences.

All trips by "Global Family Travels" are powered by YouLi - Group Travel Platform

👉  Learn more about Global Family Travels

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Tour Operator: Adventure Out Loud - Australia

We're passionate about using travel as a catalyst for change. We do this by using our 10+ years of experience travelling in Africa to create transformative small group and luxury private adventures that make a positive difference in the world.

Whether it’s climbing Africa’s highest peak, going on safari, trekking with the gorillas and chimps or getting off-the-beaten-track, our adventures are hand-crafted to ensure you have an authentic African experience that leaves you with memories to last a lifetime. 

All trips and website "Adventure Out Loud" are powered by YouLi - Group Travel Platform

👉 Learn more about "Adventure Out Loud"

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Tour Operator: Melanated Travel - MA, USA

Melanated Travel is a collective of passionate people who believe that #BlackTravelMatters

All too often, traveling while Black means keeping your guard up. You’re not sure you can trust your surroundings because of how some people in the world view and treat people with our ethnic and cultural background.

Melanated Travel aims to deliver experiences where you can let go and truly feel the connection and joy that travelling should represent for all people.

We founded our company to serve the needs of Black travelers because -- as Black travelers ourselves --  we understand that Black travel at its core is stepping out into the world while bringing your full self.

Melanated Travel allows you to do that - plus take a break from all the planning and worrying.

All group trips by Melanated Travel are powered by YouLi - Group Travel Platform

👉 Learn more about Melanated Travel 

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Tour Operator: GoNaked Events - OH, USA

GoNaked Events are designed to elevate and transform your life, no matter where you are on your body-loving journey. We provide fun, educational workshops, weekend getaways, and chill parties where you can meet other like-minded men and enjoy the collective vibe.

Our transformational retreats will take you to upscale locations to celebrate your life to the fullest - offering experiences at remarkable venues around the planet.

All trips and website "GoNaked Events" are powered by YouLi - Group Travel Platform


👉 Learn more about GoNaked Events 

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