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Interactive Tasks: Preparing Travelers for Post-Covid Travel

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What's on this time?

We are dedicating this workshop to discuss TASKS FOR TRAVELERS:

  • How to prepare travelers for the trip 
  • Collect explicit consent and inform participants about your policies
  • Offer travel insurance 
  • Ask for reviews and encourage loyalty 




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Host: Jennifer Fein

Jennifer is the CEO and Co-Founder of YouLive to Travel. She's also the product visionary behind YouLi, the platform you're looking at right now. She loves to hear from her community to know what problems need to be solved and make sure YouLi is constantly improving to meet your needs.

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Why YouLi

“Making sure every single client is thoroughly briefed, trained & prepared is essential. That is part of the adventure. YouLi is really, really useful for managing all the pre-work. The list of assigned tasks ensures travelers are ready.”

Ben Southall, CEO & Founder
Best Life Adventures

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