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Liability Insurance For Travel Planners Post-Covid (APAC)

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As Travel Planner, How Do You Need To Restructure Your Insurance Post-Covid

 "Positive travel insurance stories are made from appropriate expectations"
- Erin Fish, Wanderwell

We host regular meetups to help our community of travel entrepreneurs to cope with the changes and use this great pause to prepare for what's to come. 

During this webinar we will try to provide the resources to help you keep your company and travelers protected.  


Host: Jennifer Fein

Jennifer is the CEO and Co-Founder of YouLive to Travel. She's also the product visionary behind YouLi, the platform you're looking at right now. She loves to hear from her community to know what problems need to be solved and make sure YouLi is constantly improving to meet your needs.

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EXPERT: Sean Bemrose

TBIB is based in Queensland, Australia and works with local business organisations and interest groups, charities and not-for-profits, industry peak bodies and a myriad of local businesses right through to the Queensland Council of Insurance Brokers.  TBIB maintains a close commitment to local business and the insurance community.

The TBIB difference is that you will always get access to a senior Broker who manages your insurance portfolio.
While TBIB has developed a strong scale and industry presence, we retain our ability to provide the same level of service to both small and large businesses alike.

Connect with Tony Bemrose on LinkedIn

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This discussion is based on questions from the community. 

  • How to set up the right liability insurance for your travel related business?
  • Is it a good time to re-negotiate with your suppliers?

  • Tour Operators Insurance Vs Travel Advisory - what's the difference

  • Travel Planners Association plans – what and how?
  • Will future pandemic be cut out of the insurance policies?
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