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TTC Webinar with Elinor Fish

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WED 28 OCT 2020 8:00AM - 9:00AM (UTC-08:00)

YouLi Travel Platform

The Transformational Travel Designer Milestone Project

  1. Introducing YouLi booking and trip management platform and the Transformational Travel Marketplace
  2. TTC Ally, Elinor Fish, the founder & CEO of Run Wild Retreats, shares her story and the insights on creating a transformational itinerary 
  3. Ellie Huizenga presents the YouLi - TTC partnership
  4. Tanner Colton presents the Milestone project and real-life benefits 
  5. Q&A

"I’ve been wanting to improve our customer on-boarding process for a while, I knew it was too cumbersome. All the emails, things we wanted people to do and read and videos to watch are just all over the map. Now having YouLi as this clean booking system with clear tasks and deadlines – I love it!"

 -  Elinor Fish, Run Wild Retreats

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Tanner Colton - Program Manager, The Transformational Travel Council

A lifetime of seeking in nature and around the world has taught Tanner one important thing: our lives are not ours alone and there is no end to what we can learn. As the co-owner, along with his wife Kolena, of Travel Life Adventures he seeks to create space were personal transformations can take place for travelers, and to work with and support communities in creating sustainable and empowering tourism programs and infrastructure. It is time for travel to be an agent of positive change instead of a tool of exploitation.

Currently Tanner manages all programs at the Transformational Travel Council where he is responsible for creation, implementation, and maintenance of all programs at the TTC.


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Ellie Huizenga - YouLi Academy, Support Guru

Ellie is a digital nomad with passion for sustainable & transformational travel. With a love for solving problems, Ellie is your go-to person for any questions when planning trips on YouLi. 

Connect with Ellie via YouLi Chatbox, and see her in How-TO videos.
When not supporting you in all things YouLi, Ellie is hiking/skiing in the mountains or trying to learn surfing somewhere in the ocean. 

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Elinor Fish - runner, writer, entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Run Wild Retreats

Elinor has served the running industry for over 15 years, during which her notoriety and influence has grown substantially. Through her blog, magazine articles, media interviews and retreats, consumers know her as an trail running expert and thought leader in mindfulness and healthy running.

Through her work as a magazine editor, public relations and marketing consultant for various running brands, industry leaders, retailers and the media know her as a communications professional with an intimate knowledge and understanding of the North American running consumer.

Today, Elinor is a sought-after speaker and mindful running educator in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. She is dedicated to supporting runners of all levels on their quest to better running and less stress.

Run Wild Retreats:

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