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How To Take Pain Out Of Group Trips

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Join us for a conversation with the Head of Customer Success, Geoff Craig, and CEO of YouLive To Travel, Jennifer Fein, as they explain the opportunities modern platforms provide for group tour operators and travel agents.  

▶ Applying human centered technology to increase your IMPACT and your INCOME

Imagine an all-in-one easy to use platform to handle itineraries, split payments, documents, all with a user-friendly traveler mobile app!

WHY Join: 

Use this time to build digital presence and optimize your operations. Learn how YouLi Easy Group Travel Software can take all the problems away and help you scale up your group travel business.

🎯 Gain better understanding of how modern technology can help you build effective digital marketing
🎯 Streamline your bookings
🎯 Grow your community and your business
🎯 Utilize source tracking to make bigger IMPACT and increase INCOME

WHAT We Cover: 

How to use modern platforms to get more bookings, automate and easily understand tracking to grow your referrals.

✔ "Turn Key" Business Solution for Small Tour Operators
✔ Basic Google Analytics for Group Travel Designers
✔ Preparing for the travel boom and handling sudden mass demand

WHAT Others Say:

"This [conversation] is blowing my mind a little bit actually because this isn’t what we thought, this is completely different and actually has made me rethink what we’re looking for because what we’ve been looking for is some way to put all of our stuff in one place and if it sends out some really nice documentation, that’s just a bonus. But this starts at the other end and works back. So actually it’s all about the customer!"

 -  Chris Beaumont, 
True North Travel


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Geoff Craig, Partnerships & Customer Success

Geoff Craig is a passionate global traveler and cricket tragic. 

He is also a channel sales professional with over 20 years experience in hardware, software and services. Geoff is bringing YouLi technology to the travel and experience businesses that are ready to scale their group travel and unique travel offerings.

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Jen Fein - CEO, Digital Engineer & Product Manager, Tech Visionary

Jen Fein is he co-founder and CEO of YouLive To Travel, the creators of YouLi - Group Travel Made Easy

"We do things a little differently because we know that algorithms don’t know the best places to go, only the best organizers do. We are building technology to empower travel planners to create the transformational experiences that will change the way travelers see the world." 

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Ellie Huizenga - Academy Resident, Support Guru

Ellie is a digital nomad with passion for sustainable & transformational travel. With a love for solving problems, Ellie is your go-to person for any questions when planning trips on YouLi. 

Connect with Ellie via YouLi Chatbox, and see her in How-TO videos.
When not supporting you in all things YouLi, Ellie is hiking/skiing in the mountains or trying to learn surfing somewhere in the ocean. 

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BLOG: Get More Bookings in 2021

Find additional details and description of the UTM links in THIS BLOG ARTICLE.
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Business Examples by: 
RareAir Travel


🎯 Customer Journey
🎯 Landing Page Vs Booking Page - What's the difference and how to choose the right format for YOUR business. 
🎯 Source Tracking & Affiliate Networks

The replay will be posted here. 

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