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How To Identify the Best Booking Flow for YOUR Audience

Replace E-Commerce Checkout with the Booking Flow Designed For Group Travel

with the YouLi team



What is your booking flow?

To identify the best checkout flow for YOUR audience, answer the following questions:   

  • Do you collect applications before approving guests for a trip? 
  • Do you run "abandoned cart" campaigns? 
  • Do you prefer collecting deposit at the moment of registration?  
  • What channels do you use to promote a new trip? 

YouLi now offers two checkout flows to choose from depending on your audience:

  • Default register-to-pay flow allows visitors to review trip details and enter their email before making a commitment to the booking. This flow is great if you run abandoned cart campaigns and collect interest for future marketing.
  • One-page checkout flow minimizes distractions and leads your website visitor straight to the payment options, therefore streamlining the checkout experiences. This flow is perfect for private trips and promoted destination events, where the website visitors are coming in ready to book. This checkout flow was custom developed for WHOA Travel.



During this webinar we will be discussing the application of the two alternative checkout flows for group travel companies, as well as possible customizations. 
Join us to learn the best practices and business applications. Share your register/booking  flow and ask questions. 


Watch the overview of the new one-page checkout page. 


Business Case:

WHOA Travel


WHO this is for:  

✔ Group travel companies 

✔ Business Founders, Operational Managers, Independent Agents.


Jen Fein - Co-founder, CEO, Thought Leader, Visionary

Jen Fein is the product visionary behind YouLi and an epic group travel planner. 

After years of building digital products as an engineer and product manager for large global businesses, Jennifer is now making software that empowers passionate people to start and scale group travel businesses.  She met her technical co-founder Bron at a #shehacks event in Melbourne. Together they are growing YouLi into the Shopify for group travel. 

She is also the co-author of Ready to Start? Becoming an Entrepreneur in Australia. And a regular speaker/moderator.


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Viktoria Ayrapetyan - Community Building & Empowerment

My job and pleasure to make sure YouLi community members are empowered with the right tools to succeed in their travel related business. 

While each one of us is unique, we are united by love for the travel world. We know that every travel experience is build in collaboration by multiple professionals, so our empowerment  is in our ability to connect and build balanced partnerships. 
At YouLi we build the software to help offload and automate administrative tasks, so you can do what you love, grow your practice and build human to human connections. 

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Claire Williams - Support Guru & Operational Leader

Claire is a digital nomad with passion for travel. 

With a love for solving problems and developing reliable processes for travel planners, Claire is your go-to person for any questions when planning trips on YouLi. 
Connect with Claire via the HELP link inside YouLi.

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