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Great Serengeti Traverse - Tanzania

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Serengeti, Tanzania 12 days A$15,795.00
8 - 19 JUNE, 2018
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Walk the Serengeti

This is a chance to do what very few have done before - walk 100 kilometres on foot across the most famous wildlife area in the world: The Serengeti

Led by seasoned and award-winning guide, Mark Thornton. This ‘first-ever’ expedition will traverse of the roadless wilderness zones of Serengeti National Park. We stalk wildlife, we challenge ourselves, and we indulge in a deep immersion in the wilderness.

“Recently, Serengeti National Park allowed us to lead extended walking safaris in the “wilderness zones” - the expansive backcountry with no roads, tourism or any infrastructure. No access was previously allowed and even park rangers had not scouted these areas. Now we are the only ones accessing these deep interior zones where we will complete the traverse” - Mark Thornton 

Along the way, examine the remarkable biodiversity of the Serengeti's many varied ecosystems from river systems to open plains to magnificent rock protusions offering the Serengeti landscape seen on so many postcards. Explore the human history, learning about our ancestors who walked this same terrain millions of years ago and the Maasai who until recently made this land their home. See the marks they have left behind, from rock paintings in caves to obsidian arrowheads on the plains.

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Serengeti, Tanzania
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