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Ireland Trail Running + Wellness Retreat

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Dublin, Ireland 7 days
SUN 12 SEP 2021 - SAT 18 SEP (UTC+00:00)

Castles | Cliffs | Guided Trail Runs | Irish Pubs | Wellness Workshops | Natural Running Clinics | Charming Hotels

While Ireland isn’t that far from North America, this magical land can feel a world away. Our friends at Trail Running Ireland advised us on where to find the Emerald Isle’s hidden trail-running gems, which is where we’ll take you on this seven-day adventure. From the rolling, heather-covered hills of the Wicklow Mountains to soaring Cliffs of Moher to Killarney’s majestic waterfalls, this retreat immerses you in Irish running culture, history and beauty.

Soon after you arrive in Dublin, we leave the city far behind in our private charter motorcoach and escape to Glendalough, steeped in history, evident through every turn at the charming inns, cozy pubs and castle ruins dating back millennia. Our daily runs, which vary in length from one to 3+ hours, take us along boardwalks, over rolling hills, along serene lakeshores and along breathtaking clifftops. Each day offers up something different: a lively lunch at an historic Irish pub, live traditional music, hearty meals and scenic drives through the Irish countryside. 

And of course, to balance out all fun and adventure, we’ve also left time free for shopping, quiet contemplation or a relaxing spa treatment. Let this country’s warm hospitality, natural beauty and tonifying salty air fill your heart and invigorate your spirit. As with any retreat we offer, you never know what spontaneous moments may take place; once our Irish running guide, upon encountering a hiker who happened to be from her same home town, broke out into “sean nós” (traditional Irish song) in acknowledgement of their kinship. 

You’re in for a special treat when you run with us on the Emerald Isle’s most stunning and famous trails like The Wicklow Way, Valley of Glendalough, Cliffs of Moher and Killarney National Park. Even if you’re new to trail running or don’t usually run consecutive days in a row, you’ll surprise yourself with how you feel when you employ the mindful running techniques offered by your retreat leader.

This fully guided running retreat will take you through Ireland’s most stunning natural landscapes, fascinating historic sites and off-the-beaten path trails and hidden gems that only our locally based guides know about. Freed from the burden of having to think about navigating, planning meals or taking care of others, you are able to focus fully on your self and your well-being.


This Retreat is Level II

This retreat is rated Level II. This means it’s suitable for you if:

  • You’re comfortable running/hiking six days in a row. Our shortest run is 30 minutes, but most are around 3 to 4 hours (including hiking sections, water breaks and photo ops).

  • You must be able run at least 8 miles on the road.

  • You’re OK with running/hiking on trails with loose dirt, rocks and some muddy sections. These trails feature a variety of surfaces, not all of which are easy to run on, but your retreat leader will provide tips and techniques for navigating the terrain and pacing yourself in this hilly environment.

  • You're OK with some exposure to cliffs or other high terrain

  • You’re game for running in the rain (don’t worry about what to wear; we provide you with a comprehensive packing list).

  • You have (or are willing to acquire before the retreat) trail running shoes.

Learn more about how we manage run pacing here:

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Mindful Running Workshops

Learn how to run more mindfully to become a better runner. This includes natural running form clinics during which you'll learn about the Power Posture: use proper alignment to make gravity do more of the work. This reduces the muscular force involved with running so it feels easier and less strenuous on muscles and joints.
Focus on efficiency: Use natural running techniques to drastically improve efficiency. You'll practice changing stride length, cadence and tempo on various types of terrain. Then put the pieces together to achieve the ultimate trail running experience. Learn to cultivate the circumstances for flow to occur by being relaxed and mindful.
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Trail Running in Ireland

Location : Ireland

Located in the Northern Atlantic, Ireland's vast landscape is characterized by agricultural lowlands, hills, lakes and bogs surrounded by coastal mountains. Known as the Emerald Isle for its lush vegetation, this is a diverse island of extraordinary natural beauty and has a deep artistic and historical heritage.


The weather in Ireland is mild and ideal for trail running, as the country typically avoids the extreme temperature fluctuations. In September, the temperatures are typically between 48 and 55 degrees. We undoubtedly will encounter wind and some rain, however. For this reason, we recommend carrying a light wind/rain shell jacket on every run.


We spend most of our time at sea level, so elevation is not a factor in this retreat. A couple of our runs do take us into the "mountains" though these are low mountains that take us no more than a few hundred feet above sea level.


The trails we're running are well-established, and some have been in use for millennia. The trail surfaces include dirt road, wide dirt pathways, singletrack trail and boardwalks (to traverse the shoe-sucking mud bogs!).

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6 Nights in Charming Irish Hotels

Included in your retreat package is six nights' accommodation in three charming Irish properties that truly represent this country's historic charm and character. This includes the family-owned and -operated Lake Hotel on the shores on Lough Leane in Killarney National Park. The property was originally built in 1820 and has gradually expanded and modernized over time. It's situated less than 2 miles from downtown Killarney, a tourist hub, where we'll enjoy dinner one night. Spending three nights here gives you plenty of time to savor its quiet lake views, stroll around the on-site castle ruins and watch Irish deer wander by. 

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Traditional Irish Pub Meals

No visit to Ireland is complete without experience an authentic Irish pub--or two--so that's exactly what we do! 

In recent years, typical Irish food has experienced a bit of a renaissance, predominantly because of a renewed interest in fresh, local ingredients. With verdant green hills and pastures, there’s a huge opportunity for locally grown produce as well as some of the best beef, pork, and lamb in the world. There’s also some amazing seafood to be eaten, and not just fish and chips. Irish dishes include more than just meat, potatoes, and cabbage. We've sought out some of the coziest, renowned Irish pubs along our travel route for lunches and dinners that don't just satiate but also immerse us in the culture and history that make Irish pubs so cherished the world over. 

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Run Wild Retreat Gift Bag

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60-Minute Massage at the Spa at Muckross

The Spa at Muckross is nestled among 25,000 acres of pristine national park lands in Killarney, a pleasant walk from our hotel. 

This award-winning, Gothic-inspired spa is a world with unrivalled levels of tranquility and relaxation. Designed to reflect the unique nature of our surroundings, nothing has been spared in the luxurious layout of contemporary monastic elegance. Here, you can come and unwind while our large team of specially-trained therapists pamper you from head to toe with an extensive list of exclusive treatments. Then, simply lose yourself for an hour or two of utter indulgence across our Vitality Suite, thermal area, herbal sauna, steam room and outdoor hot tub. By the time you leave your Killarney spa break, you’ll feel utterly revived.

Enhance your retreat package with a spa massage and time to relax in the spa area one afternoon after a run. Massages will be scheduled for day 5 or 6 of the itinerary, as time allows.
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Transformational Travel Journal

Begin your mindful travel experience before leaving home with the Transformational Travel Journal

This unique journal was thoughtfully written, based on the rigorous multi-disciplinary study by our friends at the Transformational Travel Council. Based on ancient wisdom, mythology, and contemporary science, it is more than a journal, it is an insightful guide to exploring the world, and your own backyard, more mindfully.

We invite you to begin dreaming and designing for your next journey today, from the inside out, learn to Travel with H.E.A.R.T., and Follow the P.A.T.H. Whether it is for you or an intrepid friend, this wise investment in travel will not only be life-affirming for the traveler but life-enhancing for others, and our civilization.

This journal guides into a deeper connection with yourself, with others, and the world around you. It also encourages time and space to reflect and make meaning of the experiences you have, and thereby, fostering a more intentional, virtuous, and heart-centric life while contributing to a more ethical, empathetic, equitable, and ecological world.

Transformational Travel is inherently about leaving our comfort zone and returning with new perspectives. It is a catalyst for growth, change, and positive impact. Price includes shipping. (A surcharge may apply to international orders.)

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Klean Kanteen Water Bottle

This 27-ounce custom-designed water bottle by Klean Kanteen features the exclusive "I Run Mindfully" graphic. The bottle is made from stainless steel and comes with the BPA-free, leak-proof sport cap that makes this bottle great for staying hydrated throughout the day. 
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Dublin, Ireland
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