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Guatemala 12 DAYS $3420
WED 4 MAR 2020 - SUN 15 MAR (UTC-04:00)
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Guatemala Highlands

​Llyn Cedar Roberts introduces you to nine indigenous Maya healers and wisdom keepers from the mountain and Lake Atitlan regions of the Guatemala highlands on a life-changing adventure into the heart of ancient healing power. You will experience 12,500-year-old fire ceremonies, work with several wisdom keeper families from 4 distinct highland regions, receive their ancient spiritual teachings, undergo traditional Maya healing methods called limpias or ‘cleansings’, receive sacred bundle and/or seed readings and divinations, engage the spirit of the cacao plant in sacred ceremony, learn from Maya women about working with energy of the earth in age-old weaving methods, and so much more. 
Join like-hearted others on this pilgrimage through Guatemala's stunning mountain and lake regions. This is an expertly and sensitively designed sacred immersion - and authentic experience in ancient lands, with intimate exchanges with indigenous shamanic peoples in folksy locales, a profound as well as joyous group experience with life-changing healing opportunities. We travel through colorful highland pueblos where a diversity of Maya languages are spoken and the communities are known for their traditional clothing, art, music, ancient lore and hand woven textiles. We enjoy delicious foods and stay in beautiful lodgings that are nestled into powerful vortex areas amidst looming volcanoes and with stunning views of the mystical Lake Atitlan - that was formed over 80,000 years ago and within whose waters are found ancient Maya structures. 
This trip is designed for anyone who deeply appreciates nature and is ready to immerse in indigenous shamanic culture.  If you desire to enter Sacred Time and be steeped in the power and rhythms of the lands, waters, spirits and in ancient Maya wisdom ways - and you are dedicated to a personal journey of discovery and healing - this trip is for you.


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Location : Guatemala

Llyn Cedar Roberts is the founder of the Olympic Mountain EarthWisdom Circle and of Shamanic Reiki Worldwide. She is the coauthor with Sandra Ingerman of Speaking with Nature, a Gold Nautilus award recipient. Other titles include the Independent Publisher's award winning Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness and of Shamanic Reiki (Roberts & Levy). She was a consultant for the non-profit organization, Earth Train, dedicated to preserving rainforests of Panama, is a partner with the Transformational Travel Council, and spiritual consultant for Quiet Parks International. She studied global issues and cross-cultural communication in the early 1980's at the School for International Training, interning in India. She obtained a master’s degree in Tibetan Buddhist and Western Psychology in 1985 from the Naropa University, interning alongside a curandera in a Mexican-American community.  Llyn has facilitated experiential educational seminars for thousands of people at holistic institutes, colleges and universities around the globe - and has for over twenty-one years facilitated transformational journeys to work with indigenous shamanic people in diverse and often remote locations including the Amazon and Andes of Ecuador, Tuva and Yamal, Siberia, and the ancient Maya-lands of Guatemala - where she has brought people to work with Maya wisdom keepers for twelve years. She invites you to join the journey of a lifetime in an experience held by a conscious, caring and fun-loving team.  This trip reflects Llyn's deep respect for the indigenous Maya people and their culture, and for the lands, waters, ancestral and other spiritual energies that support us so abundantly. 

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Alfonso Muralles - Your In-Country Guide and Host

Guatemala born, raised, and educated, Alfonso Muralles, has traveled throughout his homeland with visitors from all over the world. He has organized and lead Guatemala Highlands tours since 1982, beginning by working for local and international non-profit organizations before he and his wife, Diana, initiated their own specialized, small tour company. Alfonso has an extensive background in local and international leadership in community development, conservation and human rights issues, all of which have refined his communication skills, and expanded his connections and organizing abilities. Alfonso is a reliable, informed and enjoyable guide. Unlike other non-Maya Guatemalan guides, Alfonso offers you a particularly open and close communication with the Maya People after having worked and traveled around the world for 3 years as the personal assistant to Rigoberta Menchú, the Maya-K'iche Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. Alfonso was Founder and Chairman of the Guatemala Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Association, Chairman of the Guatemala YMCA, Chairman of the Latin American Confederation of YMCA's (based in Buenos Aires, Argentina), Member of the Board of the World Alliance of YMCA's (based in Geneva, Switzerland), member of the board of the Ecumenical Church Loans Fund (Guatemala Office), founder of the Guatemala Audubon Society, and Director of the Rigoberta Menchú Foundation (New York). He and Llyn Cedar Roberts have joined together to create authentic experiences with indigenous Maya people, for twelve years.

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Beginning the Journey in Antigua, Guatemala

Upon arrival you will be escorted from the airport in Guatemala City to the picturesque town of Antigua. You will settle into a beautiful hacienda, join the group in a sharing circle facilitated by Sacred Travel Team director, Lis Traphagen, and assisted by Sacred Travel Team member, Lori Ferry, and that evening enjoy a festive welcoming dinner. 

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Exploring Antigua

On day two, we welcome any late comers and after breakfast our exuberant and caring in-country host, Alfonso Muralles, guides an excursion into local culture and cuisine in the morning and through lunch.  Our Sacred Travel Team Director, Lis Traphagen, assisted by colleague Lori Ferry, later facilitates a group circle and sharing that integrates shamanic experiences that will help you to prepare you for the journey. That evening you will share in another celebratory dinner.

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Maya Highlands Ceremony

The next morning you will enjoy many sights and vistas on an exquisite overland travel route, as our native Guatemalan guide and tour operator, Alfonso Muralles, shares about the different regions you are traveling through. Upon arrival at a 7,000-foot in altitude ancient Maya site, you will be met by Llyn Cedar Roberts and Sacred Travel Team member, independent filmmaker, Mitch Mattraw. Llyn will introduce you to the lovely Maya highland couple with whom she and Alfonso Muralles have brought groups to, and worked with, for many years. We will engage the first of many fire ceremonies at this powerful site, very possibly right alongside indigenous Maya families and spiritual guides who are also conducting ceremony. 

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Living in Sacred Time

Through the next days, which you will experience as weeks and months, we move deeply into Sacred Time. With Maya Wisdom Keepers and Spiritual Guides, we perform many ancient ceremonies as we also harmonize with nature's rhythms and the spirits of the place. Llyn and her Sacred Travel Team help us keep our experience embodied and close to the present moment to stay in the mystery; not revealing every detail of where we’re going or what’s next until we need to know, so we can open our physical and subtle senses - attuning to spiritual energies we have opened to, the submerged energies of the lands, and the colors, textures, nuances and heart of all that is unfolding. 

Time continues to expand as we stay unplugged to release the hold of linear time and as we visit and perform fire ceremonies at other Lake Atitlan locations, live with two sets of Maya families from diverse regions at hotels boasting stunning views by the water’s edge and adjacent to lively indigenous pueblos, which we can walk to. Our hearts open as we immerse with our compassionate indigenous guides who take us through life-shifting healing rituals such as limpias and cleansings, fire healings and bundle and/or seed readings or divinations, and as we meet the spirit of cacao in sacred ceremony. We will also listen to the transformative stories of, and receive teachings from, the wisdom keepers - all by the water's edge of the mystical Lake Atitlan in the vortex caldera surrounded by volcanoes. 
There are beautiful and colorful traditional textiles to be found in every location we visit and lodge in, and ample times to make purchases. Yet, we encourage you to save your interest for the organic cotton and natural dye textiles of the Maya Women Weavers that are members of the cooperative that OMEC began a partnership with on the 2018 Guatemala trip.

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The Return Pilgrimage

At the close of an amazing journey, after visiting five unique highland and lake locales, we say our goodbyes to the beautiful Maya people and the spirit of Lake Atitlan and begin our re-wind pilgrimage as we travel back to Antigua, the festive town where the journey began - to enjoy a final closing dinner and prepare for the return to Guatemala City airport the next day.

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