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Francigena | August 2024

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Early arrival dinner

The group gathers in Orsieres for a welcome dinner of traditional Alpine food.
This will be the opportunity to give each participant all the materials for our journey, reinforce the logistics, gear, etc., and get ready to start early morning the next day.

ATTENTION - The accommodation of the night before the program starts is the participant's responsibility.  We leave below a few options to facilitate the booking process:

Option 01 - Hotel Terminus  

Option 02 - Hotel Union 

Option 03 - BnB le Biolley 

Day 1 - Group gathering in Orsieres - Exercise 0,00KM

On your first day, we will gather the group in Orsieres, where we will start our walk towards Bourg Saint Pierre. You will take the time to reflect on the different aspects of your current situation. The exercise will take a 360-degree "polaroid" of your life and create a picture of where you now stand.

Lodging: Bivouac de Napoléon - Twin Room



Day 2 - Bourg Saint Pierre to Col du Grand Saint Bernard - Exercise Connecting the dots

Our second dau starts with the epic ascent to the Col du Grand Saint Bernard, where we will stay the following two days. The second exercise is an invitation to disconnect totally and use the opportunity to dig deeper into yourself and look back on your life. What you learn from your history will help you craft your future.

Lodging: Hotel Italia - Twin room

Day 3 - Full day at the Col du Grand Saint Bernard - Exercise Personal Inventory

We will spend our third day of the program at the Col du Grand Saint Bernard, the perfect place to look inside our own strengths and weaknesses. The fresh air can be amazing at the top, and it helps you to look inside. If the weather allows, we will have the opportunity to have a picnic at the lakes at almost 3,000 meters, the perfect setting to look outside and to the future. The Personal Inventory exercise will help you through your own personal SWAT analysis. 

Lodging: Hotel Italia - Twin room

Day 4 - Col du Grand saint Bernard to Saint Rhémy - Exercise My ideal future

Today, you will experience a visioning exercise. You will identify and describe how you idealize your life at a specific point in the future. We have a beautiful walk from the Col down to the beginning of the Aosta Valley, the perfect place to envision your ideal future. Here, you will feel pampered - the food is an amazing cross between contemporary Alpine and classic Italian, always supported by the best local ingredients, with amazing local wines by small producers. You'll have beautiful gardens, century-old streets, and countless corners for you to work on your exercise.

Lodging: SUISSE Locanda di Borgo - Twin room

Day 5 - Saint Rhémy to Etroubles - Exercise Purpose and outcomes

Now that you have imagined your future, you will build a bridge from your vision back to the present. This will provide you with the momentum for the decisions you must make and also the opportunity to align them with your purpose. The landscape keeps changing, but somehow, the walking becomes more natural. Another beautiful Alpine Hotel awaits us, and in Etroubles, we will have another real food experience, just like a local.

Lodging: Hôtel Beau Sejour - Twin room

Day 6 - Etroubles to Aosta - Exercise Take Responsibility

After selecting the outcomes you are committing to in the previous exercise, you are ready to detail your Action Plan. This is the program's final kilometer and the beginning of a new stage in your life. Today, we arrive in Aosta, an ancient city with so much history to share that we will take the opportunity to stay a little longer. 

Lodging: Tourneuve5 - Alp Apartments - Twin room

Day 7 - Full day in Aosta - Exercise 1,00KM

The final exercise takes place with your Action Plan already in motion. In terms of walking, we have a surprise for you. 

Fine-tuning and feedback loops become your new norm.  But our program is at its apex. We stay in a very special place in Aosta, and this night, the dinner is a private group event - with special toasts to the new and old friends you will have made along the Via Francigena. It is time to wrap up and collect all the amazing learnings from this week.

Lodging: Tourneuve5 - Alp Apartments (Twin Room)

Day 8 - Depart from Aosta in direction to Martigny - Exercise 1,00KM

We will bring the group back to Martigny, where you can take the train back to Geneva or to other destination. You are free to book your departure anytime. Safe travels!
Orsières, Switzerland
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