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Hobart TAS, Australia AUGUST 22


Ever wondered what the island down below Victoria has on offer? If your answer is YES then you should come and explore what is on offer in Tassie with us. This trip will allow you to explore the convict history in Port Arthur, see Hobart, and enjoy the fresh air and stunning views in this beautiful corner of the world. 

Day 1 - Fly to Hobart

We’ll meet at Sydney airport to catch a 2-hour flight to Hobart. Once we arrive, we’ll pick up our hire car and play our favourite tunes on a road trip to Port Arthur. 

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Day 1 - Port Arthur Historic site Part 1

In Port Arthur, there is a historic site that will allow you to explore the Tasmanian convict history. There will be a fun and interesting interactive exhibition and plenty of walking trails to explore around the site.
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Day 2 - Port Arthur Historic site Part 2

In the morning, we are heading back to the Port Arthur historic site to explore the rest of the site. While we are there, we will take a tour called ‘Escape from Port Arthur tour.
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Day 2 - Road trip and hike to Cape Raol

Is this even real? This amazing lookout is definitely worth the 2.5 hour round hike. A road trip away from Hobart! 
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Day 2 - Drive to Hobart

After exploring Cape Raoul and port Arthur, we'll drive back up to Hobart and check into our Hobart accommodation 
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Day 2 - Fish and chip

For dinner, we'll go to the local fish and chip shop called flippers fish and chips. Once the food is ready well take it back to our accommodation and eat the delicious Tasmanian seafood.  
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Day 3 - Breakfast at the Harbour light cafe

Before we go and do our final day worth of activities, we'll go to the harbour light cafe to have some breakfast next to the water. 

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Day 3 - Hop on , Hop off bus tour

after breakfast, we’ll explore Hobart by doing the Hop-on, Hop-off bus tour which will be an informative tour about Hobart and we can decide together where to hop on and hop off.
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Day 3 - Salamanca market - Saturday Only

Price : Bring your own money to spend on the day
 Salamanca market is a place to explore what local products are available as well as entertainment by local artists to listen to. This will allow you to enjoy exploring with the locals and seeing what on offer.
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ATV - 4x4 drive adventure trip

Price : 200
On our way to Port Arthur we might even stop by for an ATV adventure - for the adventurous ones! 
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Day 3 - Mount Wellington

Time to explore the view and take photos of Hobart from the top of Mount Wellington. we'll drive up to the top car park to see the view from the top. There will also be a number of different walking trails to see all the different views from different sides of the mountain.
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Day 3 - Fly back to Sydney

In the morning, we’ll have breakfast at a local cafe before we head back to Sydney.
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Hobart TAS, Australia
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