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Melbourne ( 15-30's)

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Come and explore Australia capital of coffee with us. We'll go to the Eureka sky deck, where we view the city from the height. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you will get a chance to see the great exclusive range at MYER. This will be a trip, you don't want to miss. 

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Harry potter Cursed child play part 1

We will watch part 1 of the Harry Potter play in the Princess theatre. 
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Eureka sky deck

Want to get a good view of Melbourne? well, this will be a great place to get a view of Melbourne. 
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dinner at The Crafty Squire

We will enjoy a meal together at The Crafty Squire 
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Myer Harry Potter basement

Today, we will go and do some Harry Potter shopping at MYER harry potter basement 
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The store of requirement

More harry potter shopping at the Store of Requirement 
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Lunch at fancy hawk

After Harry potter shopping, we will go and have lunch at the Fancy hawk 
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Harry potter Cursed child play part 2

Let see Part 2 of harry potter cursed child play at the princess theatre. 
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Melbourne VIC, Australia
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