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Learn Travel. GiveBack: Social Impact Journey India- 6 Days/5 Nights

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 7 days 14 - 20 DECEMBER, 2019
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Learn. Travel.. Give Back.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. Social impact journeys are curated journeys designed for those who want to make a difference.

This is your chance to move out of your comfort zone and reap the rewards of experiences in India - the hub of social innovation. You will come out of this journey with greater clarity and skill sets on how to make a difference in a scalable manner.  

When you join us for a tour with TribesforGOOD, you support local initiatives in India!!

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Day 1: Social Innovation: Namaste

Welcome & Introductions; Induction to the program at a co-working space.

TribesforGOOD is on a mission; to inspire a generation of changemakers who want to support and work with social impact businesses. We aim to bridge the talent gap by matching skilled professionals with 2 million social enterprises in India and revolutionize volunteering in the Social Space.

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Day 2: Learning Walks

As per the statistics, urban poverty in India is over 25 percent; some 81 million people live in urban areas on incomes that are below the poverty line. At the national level, rural poverty remains higher than urban poverty, but the gap is closing. By 2030, urbanisation in India is projected to reach 50 percent. Mumbai saw large scale rural-urban migration in the 21st century and accommodates 12.5 million people. 

During the Social Impact Journey, we will discuss:

- Urban Poverty

-See the biggest slum Dharavi, a centre of entrepreneurship 

-Circular Economy

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Learn Hindi over Chai/Tea

79% of Indians speak Hindi. Learn common phrases & speak like a local.

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Day 3: Learning goes digital

Take an early morning local train, travel like a local to reach a primary school, 2 hours away from Mumbai. See first hand how digital learning is changing the way children learn and adhere to schools in rural areas. We all know that education is a potential game changer when it comes to poverty alleviation! Digital learning is need of hour. Antradneed is a small village at the outskirts of Mumbai with a population of just 559 people. For the children in the village, there is just one government school which has 30 students enrolled in it (18 boys and 12 girls). Although the village has a school where children go to study, it lacks basic infrastructure to equip the children for a world where their skills will be at par with children from urban cities. How do you fill these gaps in a way that is sustainable?

Thinksharp Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2011 with a vision to bridge the Rural-Urban education divide. Santosh Phad, the founder of Thinksharp Foundation, due to his educational background, had to battle with the same issues most children face when trying to access quality education in rural areas. For instance, he never had access to a library, any modern learning tools, or to any computers before he was enrolled in a computer engineering course. All these facilities are usually made available to most urban children. He made his first Powerpoint presentation during his Post-Graduation Diploma.


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Heritage Walk

You will walk along the main sights of the wonderful city Mumbai in South Mumbai, starting from Regal Cinema, Gateway of India and passing by a local market.This walk ensures not only will you get to see the major landmarks but you will also explore lesser known areas and gain local knowledge not to be found in the guidebooks. We will take you to a 71-year-old hostel/hotel in the heart of South Mumbai After the walk you are free to explore the local market.

Experience one of the hip and creative sides of Bombay; Kala Ghoda!- with its designer cafes, indie galleries and sidewalk art stalls. Jehangir Art Gallery and the National Gallery of Modern Art showcase contemporary visual arts, while a mix of history and arts exhibits are displayed in the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya museum. We’ll explore the area in a fun way.

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Women in India

The gender  gap is closing in some respects but remains disturbingly wide. Meet leading organisations striving to reduce this gap. Discussion on the various roles that women play and involving men in the discussion.


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Yoga Class

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Although tensions between a woman’s role in the home and work life are not endemic to India, the problem is especially damaging in a country where child-rearing as the domain of women has been deeply embedded in many minds. There is considerable social and culture pressure for Indian women to remain at home. For women in low-income families, the situation is particularly grave.

During the Social Impact Journey, we will discuss:

-How the organisation was able to encourage women to come and be part of this change

-Their motivations, aspirations and need/desire to do something

-Overcoming patriarchy 

-How art helps them 

-Social enterprise’s business model

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Participate in a unique workshop by an International Coach focussed on cultural adaptability and a session on 'Your Life Purpose'.

Zubin J. Mirchandani is Leadership Coach to CXOs. Allow yourself to be immersed into his mantra "Making Great People Greater!" and experience performance altering behavioral changes to reach your potential.


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Shopping In Mumbai

We will take you through the shopping area where you will get a chance to shop and explore Indian fabrics and clothes!

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Day 5: Workshop - Market Research

You will get a chance to understand local communities through a 2 hour market research activity.

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Day 5 & 6: Give Back

Hackathons: This is a time to make use of your skills for the local organisations. Assist local social enterprises to reach their strategic and tactical goals. This is how you give back!

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Day 7: Reflections & Graduation

Reflection session by a leading leadership coach and way forward to be a changemaker.

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Session - Do’s and Don’t of Volunteering & Building your Purposeful Career

This 2 hour workshop by TribesforGOOD will focus on how to find the right Volunteering opportunity and make a real impact. 

We believe volunteering is at the heart of growth of achieving sustainable development goals. However, volunteering has gained negative media attention due to the possible adverse impacts that unskilled volunteering can have on a community -orphanage volunteering being the prime example. TribesForGOOD is shaking up the volunteer industry by introducing a new concept of volungearing where individuals are equipped/trained to successfully offer their skills in the social impact sector. This concept gives well-meaning individuals an alternative option to the current saturated market that is voluntourism - a $173 billion dollar industry driven mostly by travel companies. 

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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