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Teotihuacan, State of Mexico, Mexico 11 DAYS

Welcome… The heartbeat of Mother Earth has called you to magical Mexico!

Standing on top of the Pyramid of the Sun in sacred ceremony, you feel your shoulders drop and heart open as the Mexican sun warms you. Envisioning deep roots growing from your feet, your energy merges with Mama Earth. Quiet, clear, calm energy spirals up your spine in response, stretching and soaring into the sky as your heart thrums with joy. You can completely exhale… 

A surge of utter knowing courses through your entire being. Goosebumps race up your arms as your breath quickens. Tears of joy streak down your face as you see your soul’s path laid out before your eyes. In a miraculous instant, your old tired ways of being melt away and an epic feeling of inner freedom washes over you. 

As you step into the center of the circle of women who surround you and look out over the vast sacred ceremonial complex below, you understand at your core why this ancient city is aptly named “the place where man awakens to become god.” With your soul sisters as witnesses, you speak your truth and feel this act of power ripple outward. You have the most magnificent feeling that your life will never quite be the same….

Oh the possibilities! By the end of this journey…

You feel powerful at heart, connected to your inner sight and able to confidently stand in your power at home, work and in all your relationships.

You let your soul ROAR and overpower any lingering doubts or temptations to play small. You rev up your confidence to guide sacred ceremonies and healing meditations for yourself, your clients and your community…

And since you know that you have to put yourself FIRST and lead by example before you can truly inspire others in your tribe… You’ll also invite vulnerability and compassion to be your guides – making the time to press pause on your life so you can go within and nourish yourself… as you call in the intelligence of the divine feminine (balanced by the wisdom of the divine masculine, of course)!

Yes! It’s time to super-size your ability to tap into following the flow of feeling and intuition to guide your decisions. This journey will touch your life, your clients (for those of you with a healing/coaching practice) and all of humanity for years to come.

Why Teotihuacán?

Thousands of years ago, a group of spiritual masters called the Toltecs, converged in central Mexico and created a city that was purposefully designed and laid out as a living roadmap for spiritual enlightenment and awakening.

Each stone, plaza and complex was infused with their energy and wisdom and acted as a university for spiritual seekers who desired to live fully embodied and in balance body, mind and spirit.

Through a secret oral tradition, the knowledge of shamanic healing and spiritual transformation was passed down for generations, as archeological ruins overtook the area.

Then, as prophecy predicted, don Miguel Ruiz, a direct descendent of the ancient Toltecs, brought this practical and deeply spiritual information to the modern world in the New York Times best-selling book, The Four Agreements, and reawakened the energy that had been dormant in Teotihuacán for centuries.

Now you’ll have the opportunity to step into this lineage, under the guidance of Meghan Gilroy, who after studying with don Miguel for over a decade was named a “shaman and spiritual leader for the next generation” by don Miguel himself.

Considered one of the “power spots” on the planet where energy is easily accessible and palpable, “Teo” supports deep internal work while amplifying your ability to manifest your intent. So whether you’re already comfortable with ceremony and are craving time in sacred space or you’re new to healing and coaching, what’s possible in “Teo” will astound and delight you.

Step Into Your Power – and Mexican Hospitality

After we wind our way through the pyramid complex each day, we’ll head back to our home away from home – Casa de los Sueños Retreat Center in the quaint village of San Sebastian Xolopan adjacent to the ancient city.

Behind a gated wall, lies the The Dreaming House where time seems to stretch and bend. Within its spacious compound and vibrant gardens are a few dozen rooms decorated with the art and murals of Mexico’s past. The retreat center has modern conveniences, but no modern annoyances – and miracles seem normal.

Here you’ll experience the finest of Mexican hospitality – whether you want to sip a refreshing bebida (drink) on the patio, journal in the yoga room with aerial views of the pyramids, or have a meaningful conversation with one of your new friends by a burbling fountain.

The cerulean blue and ochre walls will soothe your soul as you remember what it’s like to actually slow down and enjoy life. Within this perfect sanctuary to unplug, you’ll take a moment to catch a few rays of sun in the labyrinth – or wander the hallways and explore the nooks filled with ancient artifacts. Nestled into this gem of a traditional Mexican family hospitality at its finest, you’ll recharge and relax until our next adventure begins.

CUISINE: Meals Made with Love

Be prepared for your mouth to water in anticipation of each and every meal. Taken family-style in spacious and gracious La Cocina (the dining room), you’ll feel the skill and love poured into each bite. Family members and women from the village who know how to cook for international guests staff the traditional kitchen. Featuring homemade country Mexican food, mealtime is an experience in and of itself. All your senses will be delighted by the homey atmosphere combined with the exquisite new friendships and perfectly spiced sweet and savory dishes such as tamales (a traditional delicacy made of veggies or meat wrapped in corn dough), mole (a savory sauce often flavored with chocolate – yum!), and of course flan (a dreamy and creamy crème caramel dessert). Can’t eat this or that? Vegan, vegetarian, gluten or dairy free? No problem – we’re happy to accommodate any of your food preferences and all food is handled using American standards.


Standing at the end of the Avenue of the Dead, you turn and face the Pyramid of the Moon. Your heart’s desire? Freedom, happiness, inner peace… whatever your soul most craves to feel in your daily life! You know it’s time for a major breakthrough with every cell in your being.

But how do you move past all the situations in your life that challenge you? How do you release those subtle (or loud!) limiting thoughts in your mind or old stuck emotions in your heart? And how do you dare to shine your brilliance in today’s crazy world?

Have no fear, “Teo” will guide us. Calling on ceremonies that have been passed down for generations, in the locations where many of them originated, we’ll use The Plazas of Hell, Earth, Air, Water and Fire to release the ways we’ve made the (often unconscious) choice to limit ourselves – all while discovering how to be able to create and facilitate sacred ceremony step-by-step for yourself or your clients back at home.


Ready to trade in your old doubt-filled ways for self-love and acceptance?Epic you-never-thought-it-possible transformations happen in and around the pyramid complex, as it’s a living repository of ancient wisdom.

Today our sacred sisterhood will call in the Four Elements – Earth, Water, Fire and Air to fuel our transformative process.

First, we’ll be trekking to the secret sacred caves that few tourists ever visit where we’ll have a grounding “rebirthing ceremony” to invite in a new vision of ourselves and our lives. Next, we’ll call in the watery world of emotion and use our breath to wash away old energies in the Place of the Women.

Then we’ll return to the Dreaming House for a potent fire ceremony to burn away any lingering doubts or fears about becoming a confident healer and ceremony leader or woman who can stand in her power!

And these transformations aren’t simply “out of this world,” you’ll take your new consciousness, fresh perspectives and ability to shift your thoughts and emotions back home and see major results in your home life, relationships, career, business, health and finances.

OUR JOURNEY: Realignment

What would it feel like to live in financial abundance? To have as many clients around the world as your heart desired? To be in radiant health? To have the romantic relationship of your dreams? To live every day as heaven on earth?

Now it’s time to align our body, mind and spirit with that channel to the divine feminine and masculine energies. Following the footsteps of the ancient masters who cultivated potent energy in these spaces where they lived, studied, taught and worked, we’ll call on their guidance and mastery as we visit the Place of the Masters and the Palace of Heaven.

It’s time to make an energetic imprint and sync your soul with your life so you have access to your own inner wisdom and guidance at any time!

Then after our deep inner work, you’ll have plenty of time to rejuvenate – whether it’s sipping a cup of Mexico hot chocolate in one of the outdoor lounges at the Dreaming House, journaling among the agave plants and obsidian in the gardens or taking a nap in the sun. Time to nurture YOU. We know how much you give to others!

OUR JOURNEY: Pure Potential

Just imagine being free of your past, of any fear, and  now you have the freedom to simply be happy and in love for no reason. Ahhh! Today you’ll drop into your newfound mastery of intent – discovering how you can connect to your unique life force and direct it into your life to express yourself confidently and creatively.

Today – harnessing your pure potential. We’ll  journey to the temple of Tetila (where pure potential is said to be stored) and we’ll also climb the Pyramid of the Sun to anchor our new dreams for ourselves and the world, then commit to taking action when we return home.

In one powerful last ceremony atop the largest pyramid in the complex, we’ll raise the vibration of all of humanity as Women of Power. Surrounded by the support and understanding of our newfound circle, we’ll reflect and witness the growth and transformation in each other while supporting women (and men!) around the world.

As we part, we’ll pack our deepened connection to our intuition and healing abilities and leave feeling confident in your ability to create healing ceremonies for yourself and your own clients, as well as share a bigger message and make a stronger impact with anyone you touch, anywhere on the planet.

Lasting Impact

Craving Magic & Miracles?

Need to recharge body, mind and soul in these tumultuous times? Release the hurts that have nibbled away at your heart? Body’s been a locker room for emotion and stress? But above all, ready to blaze your own trail and live life boldly? I thought so!

You know that you have to do your own inner work FIRST before you can support others at the level you KNOW you are capable of. Synchronicities, your secret innermost dreams, and unexpected support all manifest with ease in “Teo” – as do tears, laughter, and hugs.

Not to mention a-ha’s and MAJOR breakthroughs!

You never know who you might meet – or what might happen in Teotihuacán. Just imagine the richness of those relationships and the results of you going within could bring to your life and business in the coming months and years! This retreat is life (and business) changing.

Cue feeling fully in your power! 

With Teo’s potent energy, you will:

  • Solidify your inner knowing and recognize how powerful your gifts are so you passionately pursue what’s in your heart and soul 100% with nary a doubt.
  • Allow the past to be the past and dissolve those subtle sticky patterns (perfectionism, pushing, doing too much, inner doubt, you name it!) so you can courageously meet each new moment with freedom and conviction.
  • Speak up and hold your own no matter who or what surrounds you – from life’s challenges to tricky relationships.
  • Know the next right action to take in your life and career – and if you’re a healer or coach, how to take your practice to a larger audience.
  • Nurture your ability to facilitate shamanic processes, hands-on healing and healing ceremonies. (And this is the perfect opportunity to add how to facilitate a ceremony to your bag of tricks if you are a retreat leader!)

Say Yes

The world needs our positive energy and presence right now. It’s time to come together and through the power of our intent, actively raise the vibration of the entire planet. After all, there’s no way you can dream bigger or support more clients if you don’t amplify your soul-care first!

If you’ve been running nonstop these days and your body, mind or soul are run down, then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to step outside your everyday routine and sink deep into your inner knowing so you can return home ready to be of service.

So whether you just need a break from your daily grind, know it’s time to check in and reassess your direction in life or business, craving space to journal and dream or can feel you’re on the verge of a major breakthrough, then time to yourself within the support of the group is guaranteed to shake your soul free and rejuvenate you to do your good work in the world.

Collectively, we’ll be pooling our energies and calling in forces far greater than ourselves to create an experience exponentially more amazing than your mind can fathom. But you’ll have to say yes to join us to see. We need YOU to be there!


Tolantongo Optional Extension to the Hot Springs & Waterfalls

Price : ask us for exact price on the spot

Now ready to truly absorb and integrate all the sweetness and love of “Teo” by being whisked off to spectacular healing natural hot springs? 

Do say “YES!” Your body, mind and soul will thank you when you take advantage of the optional extension to Grutas Tolantongo, named for the Nahuatl word for “home where it feels warm.” 

Your entire being will relax in the luxuriously warm pools that are carved into the cliffs of a steep box canyon overlooking a volcanically-heated river that follows the canyon floor and is vibrantly colored by the mineral salts that it picks up as it passes through the mountains.

Here we’ll drop into the watery world where any lingering emotion or energy can be gentled released in the healing waters during one last ceremony.

And if you’re still craving some adventure, there are caves and a tunnel, a hot spring river to swim in, waterslides, waterfalls and even a zipline!

For those joining us on the extension, we’ll make our way to Hidalgo via private bus transport with a knowledgeable guide and spend an additional 2 nights (Oct 9-11) in this mountain state at the Tolantongo resort complex. There will be ample free time to explore and play as well as our final sacred ceremony before you’ll be returned to the Mexico City airport. Please note: You WILL get a workout in since there are many stairs within the complex and you must walk to some of the sites.

You’ll feel fully refreshed by the time you head home!

This journey is TOTALLY for you if…


  • You know you are a woman of power who has a bigger message and calling to share.
  • You deeply care about helping more people and making the world a better place.
  • You are open to all spiritual traditions and believe in honoring Mother Earth and goddess energy.
  • It’s time to sync up your life with your soul!
  • You’re okay with being vulnerable within a sacred sisterhood.
  • You secretly think you might be a shaman or healer. 🙂
  • You’re both excited and nervous about this trip!


This journey is NOT for you if…


  • You aren’t willing to take a leap of faith.
  • You don’t want to do your own inner work and overcome your own beliefs.
  • You’re attached to blaming outside circumstances for your happiness and success.
  • You enjoy making excuses, being negative or defensive.
  • You take more than you give.
  • Adventure, personal growth and major breakthroughs bore you.
  • You aren’t willing to laugh, cry, hug – and get a little dusty dirty.
Teotihuacan, State of Mexico, Mexico
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