The First-Ever

Co-Working Adventure in Tahiti

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Tahiti 8 DAYS
SAT 31 JUL 2021 - SAT 7 AUG (UTC-10:00)

Are you tired of your routine? Itching to travel? Ready for an exotic adventure with friends and family? 

From July 31 to August 7, a small number of fortunate families will get to experience the best-of-the-best in the tropical paradise of Tahiti.  

Parents will get to work remotely in next-gen co-working spaces, alongside other tech, creative and entrepreneurial professionals, while the kids broaden their hearts, minds and horizons through phenomenal educational experiences like: 

  • Learning to surf on a black sand beach with warm waves, stunning vistas, and expert instructors
  • Paddleboarding amidst sea turtles and eagle rays in the crystalline waters of the lagoon
  • Rowing traditional Polynesian outrigger canoes while seeing dolphins and colorful fish 

Together we’ll stay at the InterCon, the nicest resort on the island. You can start your day with yoga, swimming, or kayaking in the lagoon. There will be plenty of options to invigorate your spirit so you can tackle your projects with peak performance. 

Breakthrough ideas, guaranteed. 

Our role is to tee up the adventure for you and then be available when you want help or guidance. We provide a platform for co-working, collaboration, conversations, and cultural experiences. We also provide a safe framework of adventure for your kids, keeping them active and engaged during the daytime so you can get work done and have me- and we-time. 

For sure, this is nothing like a package tour. We’ll give you a calendar filled with options, including unique cultural events, facilitated workshops, and cocktail hours. But apart from the welcome dinner, catamaran cruise, and farewell dinner, you’re largely on your own, free to interact as a family, go where you will, working or playing to your hearts’ content.

Rather than staying in a secluded enclave, you'll have plenty of opportunities to experience local culture: 

  • Happy hours at local eateries with so much character they will imprint themselves on your psyche and palate. 
  • Evenings spent dining at the roulottes (food trucks) as the sun sets over the ocean and the kids bubble to tell you about their adventures with new friends.
  • Weekends spent hitting the beach, exploring the rainforest, or recreating in the turquoise lagoon. 

The trip will include more than just pleasure; there will also be purpose. For several hours, your family will have the chance to join together with others, as a team, to help restore coral reefs or save an endangered species. 

It's time to take our lives to a whole new level. 

It's time to grow, baby!  


Tahiti's Finest Resort

For one magical week, we will live and work together at the InterCon, the most magnificent resort on the island. 
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Inspiring Workspaces

Enjoy a wide range of private and public co-working spaces with breathtaking views, inspiring design, abundant natural light, and fiber-optic internet. You will definitely want to breathe deep.

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New Awareness & Skills for Kids

Your kids will get to experience the best-of-the-best youth activities, thereby broadening their skill sets, comfort zones, and realms of possibility.   
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Amazing Amenities

Your room will be right near this pool overlooking the island of Moorea. Elsewhere on the grounds you'll find tennis courts, kayaks, and a lagoon full of tropical reef fish. Plenty to inspire you and your kids.  
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Sunrise & Sunset Wellness

Experience an optimized version of your life where you need not choose between professional achievement and your kids. Where fitness and productivity go hand in hand. Let the spectacular sunrises and sunsets massage your soul.  

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Inspiring Community

Spend quality time in an idyllic setting with other entrepreneurial, global citizens. Enjoy the creative vibe. Don't be surprised if you find yourself interacting with new friends as part of an extended family. It starts with light conversation but often progresses to deep, meaningful communication. 


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Unstructured, Unexpected Experiences

The most fulfilling adventures are not handed to you on a silver platter. We help curate your activities, but it’s your journey to own, opening yourself and your children to new perspectives, experiencing a thrilling location while, perhaps, encountering each other in new and exciting ways.

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Sunset Catamaran

On Wednesday at 4pm (7pm Pacific) we'll close our laptops, throw on our bathing suits, and head into the lagoon. Black spotted eagle rays will dart by as the setting sun casts mango-colored light upon our sails and we toast to a day well lived.  
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Flip-Flop Chic Dining

Some evenings, as the setting sun begins to fill the sky with golden light, you may wish to head to hip outdoor restaurants at the water's edge. The style in Tahiti is casual; even the fanciest places can be described as "flip-flop chic". 

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Welcome Dinner

This might be one of the most memorable dinner events of our lives. Casual attire, warm air, shimmering ocean, colorful sky. Fascinating people we would never meet otherwise. An alchemy of food, beverage, beauty, and social interaction that leads to magical moments for grown-ups and kids alike. 
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Farewell Dinner

By the time we have dinner together at this stunning restaurant over the lagoon, we will have shared unforgettable experiences and connected in unforeseen ways. You and your loved ones will be flyin' high!
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